Part III Men Rights are our enemies

Hey Guys

I feel that it is necessary to show you guys where I am coming from and what MGTOW means to me personally. Here I will provide additional proof why civil war in manosphere is necessary.

As much as  Traditionalist like to hijack our moment it is only exposing their stubborn personality and this is how they have destroyed men rights movements. Now they want jump on MGTOW because this is becoming more popular. I will restate what I said before, let’s not feed trolls.

I do not support Liberal, nor Conservatives, or any other political system. I believe like feminist that political parties should be used like a tool to achieve our goals. This is why you can see feminist don’t bash fellow female if they are Liberals, and even Conservatives. To them all women are sister regardless of their color, sexual orientation, and spiritual believe.

Men Right are the not poltically politically neutral? Main Moderator for AVFM


Sadly, Men Right gangster act like neanderthal. They bash fellow men for being Liberals, Leftist, and their racial and culture background. We should not hate feminist for their success instead follow their model to achieve our goals. Our detest and revulsion should be directed at the right target towards those who dividing us taking profiteering our own misery. They are hiding under Men’s right, Conservatives, and Traditionalist labels.

How do you explain that under Bush government child support was put on any men even including golf war veterans? Court in America will not use DNA proof to nullified the order. Do you think it will change under Trump, or even Hilary?

It’ won’t! Women vote more by wide margin, and the fact western countries have more women than men mean no one is going to help men …  Women are seeking out for themselves, how are you going to get anything from government by bellyaching against democracy when it was “man made” political system women used it get what they want. Feminist did not break any laws, they realized that in order to achieve you have to know, in order know you have to learn. This is why we see more women in university than men.

How are these old school traditionalist coping up in this new world?

Well, apparently they are having erectile dysfunction — no pun intended.


It should not surprise anyone that lunatics him running around republican parties. Educated minorities like myself have suffered racism, and extremism at the hand of these Conservatives. All of this is done very sneaky and cowardly way. I remember the first time I applied for job in Toronto, bilingual job French/English. 

Right before my interview I was told IT IS FOR BILINGUAL PEOPLE WHO SPEAK “EUROPEAN LANGUAGES”. Yes, these are the exact words that woman used.

When I answer this racist person in French – and luckily there were many black bilinguals people who complained about her behavior – human resource had no choice but to come down hard on her. Of course she was not fired – she went to a paid stress leave for four months. She was not happy when I became the manager of the company.

Later I found out that she was trying to hire her sister into my position. Her sister did get a lower paying job — and just like her sister went on stress, and than paternity leave right after her probation.

One would think that men like myself can just call up “Men Right”, and than pour my sob story and they would picketing line in front of the corporation like Reverend Jesse Jackson? Nope they are doing is bashing “men” minorities, and fear mongering about feminist, and immigration.

I will use the same twitter post to illustrate my point.


Janet Bloomfield represent the world largest AVFM. Do you expect them to help men — no, they will not even let you enter into their group unless you fit into their racial, and political criteria.


The irony is that AVFM cannot even find decent men to represent itself.. They have to hire females to talk about Men Right. This is typical Men’s Right group is made of. Females, and traditionalist old farts. Pro marriage, no talk about prenuptial, alimony, paternity fraud. I can repeat these facts until my face is blue, but hey it’s an ongoing struggle. Let’s face it, exposing them is like fighting cockroaches until last one is remove from the residence infestation will only get worst.

How bad is it?



As you can see from the promotional poster of AVFM — the largest men right group. They can’t find a single straight person to help them maintain leadership.

Virtually the entire Men’s Right leadership from top echelon to a simple moderator are females. They could not find a single male person to behave.  This include the founder himself!


Paul Elam almost got arrest for terrorizing single mothers, and their children.




You’re with us or you’re against us

Main problem here is not women. Problem are  women in power, it AVFM  itself. They are mostly pro marriage, pro rightwing, and search for community under everyrock under the sun.

Whenever anyone ask if these hosuewives in power if they have “prenuptial agreement” they accused inquerior of harassment remaining “member” are put in their place. The cycle continues.

These loons want men to “men up”. Which means work, bring money at home, and wives stay at home.

The basic, central or critical point of an issue why AVFM was created has never ever be discuss. Was it intended to fight about alimony, child support, paternity, and prenuptial.

What is it main goal? What do they want to achieve?

Nothing, just bash feminist, that’s all!

MGTOW is about breaking the cycle. This means zero hatred towards fellow men. You don’t like it than join Men’s Right, or conservatives Party, and listen to Paul Elam & Janet Bloomfield bashing MGTOW.

Have a good day.

4 thoughts on “Part III Men Rights are our enemies

  1. The MGTOW mindset is a very simple concept – yet the mindset is demonized by society in general. Why? Because MGTOW reject the primary means with which women destroy men’s lives – marriage. Over the past several decades, countless millions of men’s lives have been destroyed through marriage/divorce – trillions have been transferred via anti-male courts from men to women – and hundreds of thousands of men have committed suicide. A LOT of women make their living through destroying men’s lives financially and legally.

    How is gynocentric society fighting back against men’s flight from marriage? Global forced marriage for men – through benign sounding but equally man-hating laws like ‘The Cohabitation Rights Bill’, “De Facto Relationships’, ‘Committed Intimate Relationships’, ‘Affirmative Consent’ and in Canada, simply ‘Family Law’. More and more, living with a woman for a relatively short period of time gives that woman the same rights to alimony, asset division, child support and civil suit payouts their officially married female counterparts so enjoy. More and more, all a woman has to do is speak the words “sexual harassment”, “domestic violence”, “sexual assault” or “rape” and your life is over the instant those words leave her mouth. Whether or not there’s any proof no longer matters. Your life is over by default.

    The single biggest mistake men make with regard to women is giving women legal and financial control over their lives through marriage – which is why so much time, money and effort goes into convincing men that marriage is good for them. It’s the mother of all ‘long cons’. It’s male disposability and cultural misandry. Marriage drives consumerism and makes a ton of lawyers, judges and women very rich following divorce. The incentives to continue the destruction of men by brainwashing them into marriage are many and very lucrative to those of a parasitical nature.

    I personally avoid interactions with women except when necessary. If a woman walks into my office, I walk out and lead her into a hallway or area where others are present. I have software on my cellphone that I can activate with a button push that immediately starts recording in situations in which I can’t avoid private conversations. Why? All a woman has to do is make a pass at you in one conversation and then record another conversation in which you respond – which can be used by her to present a false accusation of sexual harassment in court – opening a huge window to a civil suit payout and the destruction of your life.

    For all the above reasons, MGTOW will be despised by gynocentrists, which represent the majority of our ignorant society and have for centuries.

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  2. Hey brother, I truly don’t you don’t take this the wrong way, but is English your first language?
    There are a lot of grammatical errors in this blog that are really glaring which make it hard to read

    But you’re spot on with this article though…..AVFM are scum to me, they don’t represent me or my MGTOW philosophy, I see them as sell outs
    And to have women as their main spokesperson is a joke
    I avoid AVFM at all costs


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