MGTOW Mortality

Night is the sadder time than day. I know that’s always been true for me ever since I became MGTOW. When I am alone in night that’s when discouraging ideas are swirling thorough my mind it’s usually in night. A Black thought would come into my mind, it is usually the same thought, the thought of death, the fear of death. We are all mortals. We all know that we have to die though no one wants to.

The way I have dealt with this fear in the past has been to identify myself with something immortal, I think of myself as part of something that will continue to live far beyond of my own existence. In which I can continue to live, after my body is dust and bones. Perhaps it is easy for me to deal with immortality since I was medic in military, I was trained this way, I would focus on saving lives of the civilian even if it means endangering my own life and perishing in the attempt. Sometime pain of a fellow human being subside our own fear of immortality. In a strange way we become bolder, and more resilient, and try harder than ever before.

We mgtow are part of a cosmos which is the essence of this ever larger evolving universe. Where our personal accomplishment is stored into its repository. We are like Copernicus and Galileo who were prosecuted for their scientific discoveries because it was not compatible with traditionalist establishment. Nonetheless, centuries later we remembered them for their work. Their knowledge and work make them part of our life. Our thoughts, and ideas are transformed by these men whenever we at the star in the sky, or using telescope to see our solar system. They are with us.

Another great man Tesla who did not have kids. He is remembered by his work. He is part of our life, when we turn on light, or listen to music and radio. He become immortals by his work. Whenever someone’s life is saved in a hospital that patient inadvertently thank him even without realizing it. A star does not need a name to shine. It is a beacon of a hope, and inspiration. So when we are all gone, new comrades will add to it, and help it grow, and few will use this knowledge to clear the path for revolution. There will always be someone in distance future who will remember what personal sacrifice we are making. Our work, and accomplishment will help us grow and cut across time far beyond our own existence.

That’s the sort of knowledge that give me comfort, and this is how I have overcome the finality of death. It is true we are part of this ever evolving universe. This galaxy is storing our contribution to its repository far beyond the existence of currently decaying society. Like the blinking star on the horizon our hard work to will help right people ready and able to take over the responsibility. This spark will stay lit from the time we started even if there is no hope for winning.

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