Part II: Men Rights Are Our Enemies

The most popular Men’s Right Group is “AVFM” A Voice For Men, and like all the other conservative group, this is a mixture of racist, extremist, and all the other mentally retarded people who for one reason or other hate feminist and minorities.

Case in point is an excellent response posted by  Jeff Garibaldi posted on his twitter. I am using it with his permission.



Janet Bloomfield is a media director of a men’s right group. How the hell she is helping men by bashing minorities?

You can watch all of her videos, and Paul Elam as well. This is a typical behavior of Men’s Right. Starting a race war. Bashing Minorities religion. Supporting racist politician.

I thought I was going to write a very long article. As luck would have it, their crazy behavior so transparent that with simple logic and sensibility anyone can avoid them when provided what they say and do under Orwellian label “Men’s Right”.

I am going to split into multiple parts, because it’s very important to expose these bigots, and extremist. These racist people have been operating under “men right’s” and nothing can be done for men who need to fight for paternity fraud, alimony payment, and false rape charges etc…

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