Thank you RazorBladeKandy2

I always wanted to thank the person who inspired me to become MGTOW. My journey to MGTOW is long and complex. When I came across RBK thought provoking ideas it opened up a new chapter in my life. It is sad that he is no longer active. Hopefully, he’ll read this.


It is a strange journey. It does not give me any hope, or illusion of happiness. It is like sand in the desert always shifting and moving, and displaying its past in form of a mirage, and warning us of our own mortality. Nonetheless, it more realistic my feet are on the ground. I am facing the world, like the pain I feel when pulling Band-Aid. I am no longer under an illusion of a nuclear family, and lifelong partner completing me.

Thanks to you I come to a realization that my soul already has a mate. It is my own body, it was chosen for my existence, and it is fulfilling its mission magnificently. Now that I realize I already have what I was meant to have I can move on with my life.

Thank you

One thought on “Thank you RazorBladeKandy2

  1. I’m really happy to see that you wrote this. I’m going to have to go through and read more of your posts. Looking back on it, RBK was my Morpheus. I thought he’d come back after a year or so, but it looks like he might be gone for a long time.

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