Red Flags Time to Get Divorce

One of the reasons I created my blog was to help fellow men. Learning from my bad relationship, and helping you guys see what sign to watch out for.

Now this red flag list is for those brothers who are already married. My suggestion is pretty much this:


Here I will make a chart of what are the things you should watch out for, and when it is time to thrown in the towel file for divorce. These are the types of behavior one ought to be watch out for once you’re married.

If you’re going to be married soon, and you  are having a second thought about getting marriage, than just cancel it. Even, if you are in the middle of matrimonial ceremony you’re better off walking away.

Here is the list of red flags! Look for divorce layer, and don’t bother with counseling. Marriage is like a delicate glass. Once it is shatter throw it in the bin, and if you try to fix it repair it you’ll only get hurt.

Red Flags                                  How bad it will get?
Doesn’t Share Money After marriage she tells you that she will not contribute in house expense. Than shames you by saying don’t look into her purse.

There is a reason married men die sooner. Guess who is expediting their departure.

Never Complements You She never say anything nice about you. In fact she always whines by saying you’re not doing enough. Time to pack your bag, and hit the road.
Telling Kids you’re Horrible This is one of the most painful things. I have gone through this. Its hurts, and it is very cruel, and it destroys the any bond you are likely have with your kids. Start recording everything, and play it during divorce.
She Hates Your Family & Friends She is trying to isolate you. It’s only going to get worst.
Ignore your requests, pleads. If you ask for to follow some instruction, or return items. She ignores it.

Let’s say you had a headphone for walking, and exercising. She took, and you ask her to return it, and she did not. Same pattern follow other issues. Buddy time build a new nest..

 All The Sisters are Single Don’t need to say anything more.
Police Threat This is when you just leave, and I mean FREAKING leave. Go to your parents house, rent a motel. Don’t go back. Once she accuse you of anything false. This stigma will eat your life, and your job, HELL IF CAN EVEN KEEP YOUR JOB!!!
Raised by Single Mother Guess who will be running your life?
Mommy’s wear the pants If her mother is boss, and dad is just a figurehead like a decoration piece. She will try to turn you into her father.
Doesn’t have any friends It is means she has a horrible personality, and no one can get along with her. You shouldn’t try it either!
Always socializing If she spends too much time on Facebook, twitter, etc, and always friends hanging out etc…

You’re in world of trouble.

She’ll post everything online, your workers, boss, and next door neighbours will know about your life.

Oh, honey you look cute in Pokémon underwear. Yup it’s online, and now you know why you get funny looks coming out of garage, and it’s not your driving…

Doesn’t get along with family What makes you think she’ll get alone with you
Can’t hold a job At one point she’ll just sit home and you’ll pay all the bills, and she will think that you’ll divorce her like she got fired from evey where.


I will add more to this list. Send me your red flag warning to watch out for..




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