Upcoming Part Two of Men Rights are our Enemies

Hey Guys I was rereading some of my old post, and I realize that I have not finish writing Men Rights our enemies. I am still writing that article, and perfecting some of my ideas of making videos, and blogs. I will be using RazorBladeKandy style format – for my videos since he style is pretty simple and elegant and it send the message across, and at same time provide captions & transcript for those who are unable to hear it.

In fact I will write a thank you article and how he inspired me.

Hey buddy if you’re out there we miss you.

He is also the one who inspired me to write about my experience in relationship, and explore the world beyond the realm of possibility. It’s not a pretty world, nor is it full of happiness and joy. However, it is real, and therefore practical.

The Part 2 of the subject is going to be dealing with examples, and more in-depth analysis of ongoing civil war in mesosphere.  The point I want to get across is pretty much simple. Men Rights are not our friend, also blaming feminist and only feminist is a complete lunacy. It’s best that we look at our own group, and see where we stand.Yes we need to counter propaganda. How to achieve two goals at the same time, well that is why I am here, let’s brainstorm our idea and transform it into a constructive work.

RazorBladeKandy left the arena in March 2015. It’s sad to see no one has written such elegance and detail analysis of our present day crisis. I would go as far as to say the old school StarDust, and Bar Bar are turning into modern day conservatives. Their inability to lead the community into a new path has been diminished because they stilling living under the nostalgia when they were at the peak. This has stagnated the community, and we are regressing. It is a shame.

We have some new young people in the community. However, they are just learning it – this includes me. We need someone to step up and point to a new direction, a direction where we can see what lies beyond the smokescreen, and how to reach – and more importantly overcome the obstacle stand our way.

Second part will not only reflect internal problem with Men Right which makes them our adversary, and finger point at feminist will only weaken us since we have not found the cure of own sickness. I will collect all the examples and I will be formatting them not only in this blog, but into a video.

Due to ongoing nasty divorce, and therefore changes in my life. I have an ongoing time restrain. I am utilizing it as much as possible. Also, I don’t want to turn into video making whore like Sandman 🙂

See you around guys.



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