Personal Update & Thoughts

I am not able to update this blog due to my ongoing divorce fiasco. I have not had time to keep up with this blog, or anything else for that matter.

I would like to update you about the things I will be doing  in upcoming life.


Ever since I got married, I had been living in a very toxic environment. Screaming shouting, and even the sleep deprivation. I will give you an example. I had two jobs one full-time, and second part-time. My full-time jobs finished on Friday around 12:30 midnight, and by the time I came home it was around 2 in the morning, and my part-time jobs started around six in the morning. As you can see I had bearly time to do any rest. Yet despite all of this she was screaming and shouting when I come home, and would not let me sleep or relax.

Personal  Health

Over the course of my marriage, my health has been declining pretty badly. To make matter worst I found out that I am pre-diabetic, and she was with me when doctor told me this. She was the house wife, and she would always cook rice, and bread. Knowing perfectly that I can become type two diabetic. She wants to kill me. Yet when I told my lawyer about this, I was told court will tell me “you’re an adult therefore responsible for what you eat”. How is this any different from drunken woman in club claiming that she got rape? She was an adult, and therefore should’ve known what she was getting involved into?

Going Back to College

Rather than just feeling sorry for me, I am going to study, and further improve myself. No more chasing girls, and looking for non-existing soulmate. My body is my soul’s mate. Romance is slippery road and you

Minimalist Lifestyle

We live in a society where we are barely alone. Outside there is air pollution, noise pollution, and genetically engineered food. To make matter worst we have television at home bombarding us with false idea of how society is. I say no to all these things. I am opting out, living with few things, and conscious about my environmental foot print.

What have I learned?

I feel like we men are running on a race track like a train dog trying to catch unrealistic dream. We’re thought by society that complete education; get a job, and then Women who will somehow complete us. It is same for all those hoarders, who buy things to the point that they cannot even walk around in their own residence full of unnecessary thing yet unwilling to give up, and worst yet still trying to cram more things.

We need to ask ourselves why should I accomplish myself for someone else whose contribution to house hold is to sit home and do house chores – watch TV, while kids are raised by school, and half of house works in done by electronic. On top of that I am still expect to help around the house – even cook dinner, and take her out for a romantic dinner. For what? Just for being a woman?

It is an unfair arrangement not matter when it was created, and the fact when we men want to leave such a “relationship” we are punished by society by losing half of our property, and our access to kids.

In Conclusion

I think bible express it very good in Proverbs 21:19:

“It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.”

It is new territory, like explorer I am learning who I am. Where I stand, and what I need. Be alone is fun.


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