Misery Thy Name is MGTOW

Like most movement MGTOW has risen from the unfair treatment and gender inequality. Unlike communism it was not created by one single person, therefore does not have any predefined manifesto. Good thing too because any successful organization which is in for long haul will have to evolve for changed and redefine itself to a ever-changing environment. Just like living species that learned to adapt from the time of dinosaurs to seismic earthquake splitting earth into different continents. Stubborn creatures like dinosaurs that were holding on to their “tradition” and “conservative values” perished.

We human are not very different from other species. Out intellectual superiority setting us apart from other animals, nonetheless also endanger our very existence. How many of us believe that the answer to resource depletion lies into some miraculous technology? Our very existing has become interdependent on finite resources that we are depleting it in such rapid way that we are not only at the verge annihilation; we are also turning this planet into desolation with our knowledge.  Sadly all the modern day industrialisation is for mass consumption and materialism at the expense of our ecosystem.

It should be no surprise that, under such convoluted mess we see the rise of feminism among women, and its counterweight measure MGTOW among men. Despite being pitted against each other, in reality they are both fighting against traditionalism. An ancient lifestyle that has been long discontinued, and like a demented Chihuahua the traditionalists are bellyaching us to go back the lifestyle on 18th.

These dumb dumb forget that in 18th century, and for the most part of 19th century vast majority of the people were poor, and for cooking, cleaning we used coal, and wood, horses, and other four legged animals for transportation. Modern day house work is nothing more but flipping couple knobs, kids are raised in centralize educational system, followed by university, and then off they go face the world.

Expecting women to sit home, and do 18th century style house work is like dinosaurs seeking rainforest not comprehending the destruction caused by asteroid. To popular quote from Pogo comic “We have met the enemy and he is us.” No truer words were ever spoken.  This is what traditionalists are like.

They are demanding women to sit home, and cook cleaning, and men work in the field, fight war etc. When relationship fail keep doing your manly duty, and now got to pay alimony and child support to your ex-wife. Without providing any support for men who are suffering from a toxic relationship, and financially overburden. These broken men are pushed to search for new wife while you spend remainder of your life to pick up the pieces of your life. Don’t you see the parallel between men of today, and dinosaurs of yesterday?

Marriage is our Misery, and staying single is our happiness. Let’s break the cycle, and boycott marriage.

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