Men Rights Are Our Enemies

Guys I wanted to make this video for a long time. I will begin with a few simple statement of fact. Birth of a MGTOW is a direct response to the government’s long-term support for feminist aggression against men. We are not boycotting marriage because we hate women’s freedom, and family or because we want to oppress women. We reject marriage because divorce always favor woman financially, emotionally. Even when men can proof his wife committed paternity fraud he still has to pay child support!

When we men realize that cards are set against us. We seek help, and support. So any one of us who come across “Men Right Activist”, or “Men Rights Movements” we think that they are working hard to represent us. Sadly, that’s not the case. Everyone of any consequence in the Men’s Right has lied consistently and deliberately about why we men are losing our freedom, and why the government regardless of its political affiliation helping feminist.

The reason for lying by the Men Right and by political establishment is because they are all traditionalist. Traditional want men to be subservient to women under the guise of a provider role. Their fetish with house wives making them a sandwich, and bed warmer is detriment to your struggle. They don’t want to change laws where child DNA should be match before men is declare father. Otherwise, husband can opt out because she cheated on him. Therefor she forfeits her right to get alimony, and property. Traditionalist don’t want this type of system. They waste all the donation for opposing any type of independent women. This is why we should boycott Man Rights Movement, a label that is hijacked by Traditionalist, and Conservative.

These fact bear repeating over and over again. These are simple and self-evident, but it is easy to forget them in the blizzard of lies and obfuscation coming from MRA. This is why people like Paul Elam rely on one fundamental principle that professional liar relies on. A lie, no matter how transparent or preposterous, if repeated often enough and brazenly enough will be believe by most people. They repeat their lies over and over again, and more perceptive and thoughtful member of the population forget what is truth and what is a lie.

To make matter worst, we are inundated by lies from feminist who are real experts at lying, far cleverer at it than the Men Right. Women are such effective liar that we really must pinch ourselves every time one of them open her mouth, lest we be taken it. It is, in fact, their absolutely astounding facility at lying that has persuaded me, more than any difference between us, that an unbridgeable gender gulf separates us from feminist.

I believe that it is encoded into female genes. From far back in prehistoric time women spent so much time in market, and bazaars buying, haggling good of every description over every transaction, that the ability to lie convincingly became a real asset in the struggle for survival. They understood the real value of material, and wealth. They also used same tactic to convince of men that what a vulnerable asset they are. The adverb “convincingly” is the key here. They evolved the knack for seeming to be sincere while lying outrageously.

I believe that best way to get my point across is with concrete examples. And, really, the only way to deal with a subject like this to study concrete examples: many concrete examples; to look at the details.

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