Collect Evidence & Upload them Online

I would recommend that everyone who is going through personal issue with your wife, and you have decided to separate from her. I would suggest that you start recording audio, and if you can video as well.

Anything you record, you can upload it online, create YouTube account, put in outlook could service, as well as few other free storage place. I would also save the evidence into an USB & and keep it in bank safe.

This is the only way to make your divorce less messy, and you can also get a better deal (although courts are always bias towards women + mothers).

Nonetheless, if you don’t try it you will never know.

Don’t forget men are considered guilty until proven innocent. Your evidence is the only thing that will exonerate you.

Good luck to everyone in this crisis.

One thought on “Collect Evidence & Upload them Online

  1. I’ve never been through a divorce, nor wish to put myself in that situation – but it is absolutely vital to document events like this as much as possible.

    Things like this can be life changing if fabricated events are used against you – so stay ahead of the game. Also, keep it all private. The amount of collateral damage that social media can cause is absolutely astounding to say the least.


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