This is an introduction video. I will cover some general overview.

MGTOW Ramp is a group of men who are freeing themselves from the bondage of their abusive wives. Legal system the way it is setup always favor women.

Due to this unfairness, most of us have to think twice as hard about filling for divorce. At the same time we need to bite our tongue whenever we are being verbally and physically abuse by our wives.

System is setup against men, and it’s not a conspiracy!

It’s a double whammy.

Nonetheless, staying in a toxic relationship is damaging to our health, and our mind. Therefore, we need to get out of it no matter what, even if it means losing more than half of our wealth, as well as access to our children.

How do we go about doing it?

Remember divorce will take heavy toll on your life. It is almost similar to death in a family, and it’s even worst for kids. So, make a list, and plan it carefully, and than revise it. Finally, talk to a lawyer, also make sure you have saved cash for such a meeting – and it doesn’t show up in your credit card bill. You don’t want to give her any hint that you are seeking freedom!

Here are few thing to watch out for.

  • First off, see if partner is preparing to file for divorce.
  • DO Kids DNA test (avoid using house as mailing address)!
  • DO NOT take promotion, remember more you make more she takes!
  • Check the laws in your states, and talk to a lawyer!
  • Look at the case history in your state/province similar to your life
  • Child Support Order
  • Parent visitation Right
  • Property Settlement Agreement
  • Finally, Physical Separation

One of the sad thing for men is that we have never been told by our fathers the true nature of a woman. For some odd reason we have these filter in front of our eyes that stopped us looking at our own mothers and how they treat their husband, and than the cycle continue as our sisters do that the same thing to their husband – stamped and approved by our own mothers.

Nonetheless, it is what it is. Now, we have salvage our life from this mess. I would recommend to all men no to ever get married. Living alone may sucks, but it’s better than being abused & used in the name of love.

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