MAGA: Are You Happy Now?


As George Orwell explained in his novel ‘Animal Farm’. Nations are like human body. When it is young  it is healthy, and energatic. Just think about it. China, India with over billion people are able to handle covid-19 crisis. Yet police in American are murdering non-white in US. When white were protesting for reopening America. White police officer didn’t fire a single shot. Yet when skin color is changed — white American “Liberal & Conservatives” are united in murdering, and defending killing non-white. Like it or not US of A is a 3rd world country. It’s only downhill from here.

Being white means I am aware of my white privilege. That is during this on going crisis I can get better treatment then say most African American, or even blue color white with high school education. However, with ongoing pandemic, and police driving their cars on the non-white protestors, and New York governor, and mayors are defending white police officers, and racist drivers are totally insane. Having a university degree, and establish career has helped enormously. Same is not true white non-white with same education, and career background.

Trevor Noah said an amazing said on his video blog. Society is a contract, we agreed to follow the rule and law provided we get something in return. Let’s face it — US of A has broken every single contract with African American, and Native American. You can understand why white liberal in New York City spends more more on police then taking care of it’s weaker member of it’s city — namely non-white. To Yankees; non-whites are for blue color jobs, and protestation.

It doesn’t really matter if Republican, and their racist gang win 2020 election. White we have learn is white liberals will work with white conservatives. This is a racial fear; that is white European stole the land from non-white. Now they fear non-white will do to them white did to native American, and African American.




Don’t Settle For Less

Democrats elite talk about change. Yet, real change involve losses of power. How many democrats corrupt progressive leaders are willing to give up power to non-white to create true democracy, and multi-culture society? Democrats largest voting blocks mainly consist of African American, Asian, and other minorities. Yet Party has never given any position to minorities. Even Republican have more diversity compares to DNC. Progressive like Bernie would not take advice from his non-white staff at all. Yet progressive wonder why they lost the election. And possibly will lose upcoming 2020 election. I for one ain’t voting for Democrats, or even Republican party.

Don’t let the voter shamming from Democrats fool you. If you want to see political revolution then  you strive to get it. Don’t vote for lesser of two evil.

Fake News vs Progressive Propaganda

Back in 90s there two terms were used  to describe fake news, and fake media. The liberal & progressive were running under Turnoff TV umbrella . Conservative & White Supremacist were calling it “Control Media & Entertainment industry. To Conservatives  & White supremacist minorities such as African American, Jews, Homosexual were controlling the media and entertainment industry. Liberal & Progressive elite felt the same way — but they prefer using Orwellian term and logic to hide their racism. White unhappy with racist environment from both camps joined non-white and then emerge a new community called “Cable Cutters”. On My 5th Wall Street Journal grudgingly released an article “TV Cord-Cutting Hits Record as Corona-virus Shuts Businesses“.  Public has voted with their money — and they are not happy with fake news, and propaganda.

NY Times also released an article: “As Cable TV Fades, Fearing ‘the End of Comedy Central“. It is not surprising to see that corporation are using covid-19 crisis to get rid overly paid 50+ years old hosts from the TV. MSNBC, CBC and other can hire new men & women under 30, and sexy looking, and make millions of dollars. Trump may have popularized the term “fake news”, but the fact of the matter is public was always vary of media long before that. Politicians & Journalists are always late to the party.  There is a reason “daily newspapers” always covering yesterday events, not ongoing trends.

Most people with establish career fear retaliation by government, or even law enforcement for talking about mainstream media. Now they have opportunity to use get-rid of an electronic filth from their house thanks to COVID-19 crisis. Mainstream media did not think about this of blow-back, nor did journalist, and even alternative media, and online beggars were shocked.

Public is not the only one cutting excessive fat during pandemic. Big corporation are cutting commercial on the TV, and cables news networks. In turn media’s executives are doing the same thing as well. This has created a hug panic among TV & Radio hosts. online control opposition masquerading as “alternative news” are left to their down device.  As their filed is shrinking they are  fighting among themselves. While professional wrestling among professional journalist is still left vs right soap-opera. However, this is becoming very amusing among professional online beggars.

Take Jimmy Dore for example. On his recent online begging video. He decided it use an age old formula popular among progressive white supremacist to terrorize non-white journalists like Anad Girdharadas. Conservative listeners ended up forking over thousands of dollar via super YouTube super chat!. He is unhappy that professional journalist are doing better job exposing media bias. This is why he is freaking out, and using race card to keep his white viewers.

This type of racial criticism is a goldmine for online beggars, and scam artist running under “alternative news” umbrella. You can easily see his bias towards white millionaires journalist like Crystal Ball, and Chris Hedges.  These resentful loser are angry at the media for firing them. Which is the root cause of them joining “alternative news”. Alternative News is to leftist/progressive what Fox TV to white supremacist. Just like 90s white liberal, & white conservative are using two different label to flare racism during pandemic.

Unlike Anad, Jimmy works for RT TV. A Russian propaganda arm to promote Putin lies in international arena. 2nd backing comes from Iranian Shia & Alawites Arab who are murdering Sunni in Iran. He is bad mouthing non-white in media who are telling us how to watch out for fake news, and fake propaganda. There are multiple videos of him going after Anad & other non-white journalist. Big corporation & RT must not be paying Jimmy and other other control opposition groups.

What this tell us that elite on this society are abandoning their control opposition. This means we will see more inner fighting and their conflict will played in open example. Jimmy Dore is a stark example why must be vary of this “alternative news”. Mainstream has have its upside down. Nonetheless, getting your info from RT is not the way to go. They are caught lying about COVID-1i, and extremely dangerous to us as American. West did defeat Soviet Union during cold war, and Russia was humiliated. Like it or not Russian government want their pound of flash. We should be very vigilant, and check out fact instead of rushing out and embarrassing “alternative news” which is turning out to be a control opposition.

Joe Biden & Netflix

Racism and British-ism go hand and hand. Netflix UK series “The Strangers” could’ve been written by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Demonization of sexual victims like Tara Reade could’ve been directed by Fox TV. Main message of the show is; never trust rapist accusation by non-white — specially Black & Muslim women. This make UK’s “Westminster paedophile dossier” kinder-garden play. Rape victim, and accuser are unattractive brown girls — just like Tara Reade. The suggestion is White Liberals & Progressive can not rape non-white because we find them racially unattractive. Don’t take my words for just read the NY Times Article “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.

Racism and ethnic terrorism are core part of Anglo society. It is more prevalent among white liberals & progressive. The Strangers TV show; white liberals are in deep denial, and fear their victim whom they are murdering.  Two white cops — one murder his non-white wife, and 2nd married a Palestinian looking women who is poisoning her own kid — they might as well call Muslim suicide bomber. Rape under colonialism was given green card by arresting the victim and her family. They were further demonize by labeling them as savages, and white liberal went on to call rape victim as terrorist whenever non-white revolted & resisted white control of their civilization. This TV show also expose true face of liberals who are busy destroying non-white under the Orwellian umbrellas of multiculturalism and diversity.

Under New Speak slavery and serfdom are called multiculturalism and diversity. This is why white liberals openly write “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway“.  What the author is saying that yes Tara Reade was rapped but she is not sexy nor hot to be convicting. Even Howard Stern dismiss her by saying Trump did it too! It is very strange the UK TV show pretty much reflect US Election 2020. Dismissing any & all rape victim because they are non-white, or they fat and unattractive!

You know how I will Vote? I vote with my money. I have canceled subscription to Netflix. This ought to give you an idea how I will be voting in 2020 election!

Alt-Right Liberals: Jimmy Dore & Fake News

You can’t be Pro American if you work for Russian TV. Progressive loon and closet Alt-Right nutter Jimmy Dore decided to promote Obama Gate — a fake scandal created by President Trump. This is why progressive & democrats party are a losers. They have these nut case loons who refuse to criticize current administration for their dismal response for covid-19 pandemic. He much rather go after non-white and liberals and ignore current administration. Trump response to COVID-19 is shocking considering USA is a “superpower”.

In 2020 I am not going vote for Democrat party either. Yet this doesn’t mean I will go after my opponent either. Obama, and Biden are not running the current administration — Trump is. Yet Alt-Right Liberals and their aka Progressive, AOC, and whole swathe of Neo-liberals will defend Trump.

Why not Online bloggers like Jimmy are online beggars. Yet they will not donate a penny to homeless people in their community LA has the largest skid row community.When was the last time you saw progressive helping impoverished people? They are just like Bill Maher, and Howard Stern without million dollar contract.

Why Liberals & Tradcons are Crazy

Conservatives icon from 80s era Howard Stern is unhappy with his republican party. On May 12, 2020 show he wined to his listener — old farts 60+ that “He ‘Trump’ hates you and so do I“. He went to say he is no liberal — neither is democratic party which is why he voted Hilary Clinton in 2016 election. He is a father of three daughters — one of them is a Rabbi!. No one can mistake him for a progressive — that is white anglo-saxon wanting free healthcare, and free education “but only for white people of European stock”. This is a typical behavior of Tradcon.

Howard Stern is a perfect example of how conservatives, and neo-liberal behave. Just look at the his reaction when his daughter Emily Stern wanted to act nude on a Jewish show. He told his daughter “If you’re in that show, a lot of people are going to use it against me. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it!’ ”

Remember Howard Stern has been coaxing other women to get naked in his studio. Yet he does not want anyone to see his daughters naked. Typical behavior. This is how tradcon behave. They grab other’s daughter and protect their own like a hawk. Don’t be fool by these perverts. This is why we can’t take their Trump’s criticism seriously. They want us to vote for democratic party because Trump is a bad guy. They are shaming voters for not voting for Democrats in 2020 elections.


Remember grabbing women by the pussy was popularize by Bill Clinton. When Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for civil money damages in 1994 alleging that Clinton had propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel room years earlier, later investigator discovered that he was also getting oral sex with Monica Lewinsky. This is why Democrats, and their shadowy racist comrades aka progress are bigot, and themselves are tradcon. Just look at the way they have embrace Krystal Ball.

She & her husband worth 40+ million dollars. How is she any different from Trump? Why is it okay for a woman to put dildo on man’s face in Christmas party in front her parent!,  but it not okay for man to have locker room talk in private? Some video blogger like Jimmy Dore, and Ron Placone go outta their way to defend racist feminist. These people are lunatic.

Yeah well she did it when she was young Beside it was her ex husband so dildo on men’s  face okay, and Trump “talking” about grabbing women by the pussy is a bad thing. Here is the kicker; after the dildo party where everyone & her parents watched her sodomizing her husband. She announced that she will be running for state office in conservative state of Virginia — just like Trump!  Trump knew his Trump behavior was already norm among liberals, and their degenerate progressive followers.

This is the state of liberal/progressive. They will embrace anyone as long as the person sounds charming, and their darkness will be cover, or ignore by their cult followers. This is why I would never vote for Democratic party, and never support progressive — they are just white supremacist hiding in the closet.



Tara Reade Interview & Joe Biden


During 2016 election Stormy Daniels allege that she had sex with Trump; a married man whose wife was convalescing in hospital after birth.

When Tara Reade made similar  accusation against democratic leader we see deafening silence. Even psychopath Howard Stern dismissed it on his revolting radio show.

How do you think he would react if Biden was groping his daughter?

I don’t know if this woman is lying or not, but fact of the matter is there are innumerable complain & videos online showing Joe Biden acting creepy. Here is a compilation of his disgusting behavior.

Lesser of two evil is still evil! We must support sexual victims by not voting for democratic party!

Censorship Thy Name Is Freedom

Social distancing has exposed us to new form of censorship. Under the guise of freedom, and fairness. Social sites like YouTube refuses to allow their user to block any channel, or user. Let’s say you are not happy with CNN, or MSNBC, or as immigrant find Fox News toxic, and you wanna block them. There is no such options at all. Of course such freedom means Google won’t be able to “recommends” video to you. They are not alone other sites like Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook are censoring any opinions that contradict their liberal agenda. Keep in mind when I say liberal I am not suggesting that they are for Democratic Party. They are oppose to anyone who believe in personal freedom, and personal responsibility. As you know democratic party as is everything but democrats in name.

Since 90s Democratic Party, and it’s “progressive” leaders have been promoting global economy, and bark about earth as a global village. Just how many Palestinian will be part of such village in Israel, or Chechen in Russia for that matter? This how Orwellian society operates. Freedom is not taken away by restricting what you are allowed to read, or what forbidden. Freedom is eroded by giving you innumerable option, and taken away the one the matter the most. Just ask yourself how would google matrix work if you blocked all the mainstream media, and only wanted to watch amateur news, or goofy video not approved by masters behind the scene.



Love it or hate. Men Going Their Own Way has become a global lifestyle. We were the first to social distance ourselves from toxic relationship. To us lifetime alimony, and paternity fraud were the corona virus of man’s independent, and spiritual freedom. Fake Mainstream Media like Failing New York Times and its evil liberal ideas are now dying off. Western civilization — that is Hollywood driven pro feminist society is losing on every front. No man in his in right mind is going to have a relationship with any woman who was in “speed dating” every bloke around the block.

This pandemic has also shown us the true face of global economy, and so called global village where “doctor without border aka CIA/FBI spying ring in disguise” are exposed. The real doctors are taking care of their own countrymen, and factories producing medical supplies are restricted to the local community as it was at the dawn of industrial revolution. Fatherland has become the new song of the patriots across the world. Social distancing is straightened tribal, and racial cohesion.

MGTOW way of life has proven to be safer, better, and healthier.



Fundraisers Are Online Beggars

We were all saving for rainy day, and covid-19 pandemic is a downpour with thunderstorm. Naturally crisis like this brings up Con men of every strip. These scumbags are sitting in front of their  $3,000+ computers, Videos, and not to mention high speed internet and they are begging, and “collecting funds”. It is they who  should be donating. They are shameless beggars, asking for money online like there is no tomorrow. It’s quite unreal to see these scammers with top of the line digital equipment, and expensive clothes, and high-end smartwatch. Yet we the public suppose to feel bad for these beggars. Please don’t empty your wallet on them.

Help the poor scam is also run by mainstream media, and entertainment industry. They  are always interviewing for “Fund Raisers”, using guilt to promote “help” others. The mainstream media, and it’s employee who makes well over million dollar should be donating the public. The solution is simple don’t waste your money on these scam. Also cut the cable. There is enough free content online these days that we don’t need to pay for cable subscriptions.

The money we have been saving for raining is for us, and for poor and unfortunate — they will have to be taken care by the government otherwise why are we paying tax every year? If we suppose to save for raining day, how come our government is not capable of doing that. Otherwise they should explain why are we even called “super power”.

Don’t forget financial safety is a health safe.