MGTOW News: Art Of Losing 2020 Election

Imagine turning feminists against you during 2020 election! Somehow Joe Biden manage to do just that! That’s right. the czar of serial rapist, the mad groper of the Democratic party is turning women against him. After bashing African-American for reminding him that he was the the main architect of the new Jim Crow law “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103 — 322“. He went on to insult females by censoring  journalists for pointing out his cosmetic surgery, Botox, hair-plug, and bloody veneers. How do you even mess this up?

Do you guys remember the infamous feminist article. “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.” Can you imagine feminists forgiving him raping and sexually assaulting eight women, and even willing to vote for him! Yet somehow he manage to turn them against himself!  The biggest benefit that has come out of Biden affair is the undeniable and forceful demonstration that entire Democratic party is rotten and must be replace.

If that’s not bad enough. Loons who picked Creepy Joe Biden decided to let him out of the house. His lack of mental fitness was full on display. When asked about his mental state, Biden replies by being offended, laughing, talking about cocaine, calling the interviewer a junkie, mentioning elephants and lions for some reason, mixing up the phrase “looking forward to” to “forward looking to,” and tripping over the word “fitness” twice. All in the span of 60 seconds… I think that speaks for itself.

While ignoring Biden’s crazy behavior, crooked media did report he was wearing more makeup then Hillary Clinton! Is it suppose to be a new curriculum for men? Perhaps it was meant to show that this old fart understand women’s feeling. Either way this feel-good egalitarianism, and feel-good multiculturalism backfire. Ordinary American women are bit more sophisticated then that. Women do exercise their own measure of political power, and their organized strength is scaring mainstream fake media.

Botox, hair plugs, and veneers: Biden could escape the cosmetic surgery scrutiny Hillary Clinton endured

Women are realizing that Biden can not even act normal for 15 minutes interview.  Feminists have not forgotten that mainstream media is suppressing sexual abuse of eight women by Biden. They are contemplating the extinction of their female rights under Biden regime. If Joe Biden becomes the president; Americans will be living on the corner of misery and fear. He signed for The Violent Crime Control, Patriot Act, NAFTA, GAFTA and want to get rid of first amendment. Just read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. American future will be parallel to what happen in Russia in the 1930.  Let’s not allow this clown transform great America into hapless America.  Let’s give the devil his due and let’s support fellow American women by not voting for creepy Joe Biden.

In Fact:
No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


Why Leftist Are Crazy


American leftist media went crazy last month over a novel!  I guess they need to distract the public so no one will think twice about eight women abused by Biden. There has been no investigation by media. Liberal media dismissed Tara Reade case because she lied on the “resume”!

Make it what you will of this, but I don’t trust media. People who protect rapists are not qualified to question anyone else. Incidentally, we are not talking about a normal person. Biden jokes about kids giving him permission to touch them; and kids crawling on his legs when he was a pool boy! He is a creepy millionaire — just like Epstein.

Can we really take crooked media “opinion” seriously? They have been bashing rape victims like Tara Reade. Leftist media and Democratic party keep telling the public that Tara Reade lied on the resume to get a job she wasn’t qualified. This means she is also lying about being raped! How will media react if Trump said something like this?

If you think logically; Her fake resume only makes her story more truthful because she would’ve been blackmail by Biden “Do what I say, or else I can fire you because of your fake resume, and no will ever hire you!”.  Bad reference from a powerful politician would have destroyed her life.

What about other seven women? Did they also have fake resume?

Liberal media is using this book to distract us from how Democratic party is colluding with a creepy Biden. They are complicit in hiding his sexual assaults. The same crooked media also protected Jeffery Epstein, and allowed him to abuse vulnerable girls.

In case you are wondering prior to this book scandal, Biden old videos came to surface where he was joking about 10 years old boys giving him consent for touching them — this is right after he was accused by eight women! In another video he talked about boys crawling on his legs when he was a pool boy!

Joe Biden jokes about having child’s permission to touch him

Joe Biden – Cringe worthy plus Pool & Kids playing with Leg Hair


Anyway, I am not much into conspiracy, however following are the key difference between Wuhan-400 virus and Covid-19.


The Eyes Of Darkness was published  in 1980. In the first edition the virus was originally called ‘Gorki-400’ and came out from Russian city. Koontz revised his book and changed the location to Wuhan, China, and virus was renamed to Wuhan-400. I took the screenshot of the book and highlighted the paragraph. All of this was done around 39 years ago.

While ignoring Biden sex scandal; media is attacking small conspiracy community and bashing them. As of August 3rd over 40 million Americans are on verge of losing their house. This is happening right before the second wave of the pandemic — which should start right around winter — virus thrive during winter!


Fox News was the only media reporting fact without any spin. Incidentally when will media “Fact Check” Biden raping girls, and grouping women in public?

If you have Netflix — You might wanna see their documentary “The Next Pandemic”. Now put if we add the novel from 1980 + Bill Gate confirm the novel in 2019 documentary. See no fact checks by mainstream media.

Bill Gates predicted a coronavirus-like outbreak – down to it starting at a Chinese market – in 2019 Netflix documentary show ‘The Next Pandemic’


If you are really into conspiracy. You may also find it amusing that 30 year ago Biden stole the speech from British laborer party member Neil Kinnock and now he is getting endorsement by him! Imagine how media would have reacted if Putin endorsed Trump! Keep in mind British still treats American like we are their renegade colony. Brits are known throughout Europe as backstabber, traitors, and two-faced liars. Yet our bias media treats them as if they are our master!

Three decades after Biden stole his speech, Neil Kinnock endorses his 2020 bid

If I were really into conspiracy. I would have guess deep-state writer accidentally fax the same speech to both puppets! In any case; did you see the irony in the title? Tara Reade can not be trusted because she lied in her resume, but Biden can be trusted even though he stole speeches from other politicians – causing international incident, and shamelessly grab women in public, and does not even care that he is in front of the camera.

G-D only knows what he does to poor vulnerable women when he is alone with them! Liberal Media will continue to ignore Biden creepy behavior. Their deafening silence only proves Democratic party hate democracy and equality. It doesn’t really matter if you think this is a conspiracy or not. The fact of the matter is this fake outrage only exposes liberal hypocrisy! Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges is a must read book why Democrats are our enemies!


Following video clips are from mainstream crooked media.  As you can see creepy Biden touches women in public! Yet we suppose to ignore Tara Reade, Lucy Flores, D.J. Hills. This list does not even include women like above in screenshot. This is not a fake news — it’s from the their own camera, and they were unable to hide it from public!

Yet we are not suppose to believe that Tara Reade because she lied on her resume.

It’s interesting Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores said she felt “powerless” when she was sexually harass by Biden. Imagine a woman who lied on the resume. Won’t she be more powerless? Don’t expect media to reach to a right conclusion.

So it doesn’t really matter if ongoing global pandemic is natural or planned. We should focus on boycotting Democratic party because we the will be abuse just like following women.

Former Nevada lawmaker, Lucy Flores, claims Joe Biden inappropriately touched her.

D.J. Hill recounts unwanted touching by former Vice President Joe Biden

Is Joe Biden’s Touchiness Out Of Touch?


Let’s ignore media straw-man, and keep pounding democratic party, and their evil leaders who loves raping girls, women, and even joke about “boys giving him consent for touching them!”

Looking at all of this and remembering Monica & Bill zipper saga means we should never ever vote for democratic party.

No Matter Who, Never Vote For Blue.


Marriage Under Pandemic Locked-Down

Marriage under COVID-19 is like living in concentration camp, and paying mortgage for torture. Global pandemic is one of the best thing ever happened to MGTOW movement. Current lock down is like a two by four reinforcing the same message, revealing the reality. It has done more then anything else to convince everyone why marriages, and live-in relationship are detrimental to our health. Living with someone during this global crisis has given humanity whole new perspective on relationship. It would be interesting to see marriage trend before and after locked down. Assuming failing mainstream media even talk about it.

Which brings me to the title of this article. I was inspired to write it thanks to an angry woman who was shopping in a grocery store. She was a masculine-looking middle-age woman. Her masque kept falling off because she was shouting over the phone about her husband bed-wetting! Every time she put back her masque she had a false simile and apologized in a mannish manner. I can see why her husband keep peeing in the bed. Living with this loon would give anyone a PTSD.

Entire checkout line was blocked because she kept talking, and forgetting her pin code! She was shouting “I am HIS wife, HOW DARE HE! Never mind rest of us — I bet she thinks we are her Sherpa, waiting to carry her groceries! It takes alot to shock me these days but I was when I heard her saying “Yes! That idiot told My Penis Sister”.

What Chutzpah! She looks like a man and she is calling other woman a transsexual. Person on the other end didn’t get so she clarified: ” My god damn sister-in-law” I guess they have never seen her repugnant face.. She rattled on! “Oh, I bet he is deliberately wetting the bed. Being forced to live with this wicked woman I would also indulge in bed-wetting just so I don’t have to sleep with her!

She is a typical adult in 2020 America. A selfish, self centered, and unhappy when having to return a favor. I can only imagine how she talks to her husband based on her overly-stimulated conversation in front of the everyone in broad daylight. Since she is wearing a masque she knows that during global pandemic everyone is watching everyone else, and hearing everything around us. Yet, she shamelessly shared her husband embarrassing condition with strangers!

I can feel the agitation, anxiety, not to mention the physical distress her husband must have every-time he wakes up, and she screams at him for wetting the bad. This woman did not care that she is telling everyone of her husband condition, I can only imagine her screeching in loud volume, waving her finger strongly, pounding her manly chest. I would not even be surprise if her neighbor crowding outside her house listening to her drama.  What a hapless situation to be in during global lock-down.

Smartphone addict ought to be added into the red flag list. It is really amazing how oblivious people are when they are talking on the phone, and don’t bother looking around sharing their family life as if they are alone in the house. I mean just imagine this lunatic hogging up the check out line, and rest of us  waiting for the Cinderella so we can leave the store, and other waiting outside to enter and do their shopping! Nope, she kept talking on the phone continue complaining about her husband bed-wetting!

Gods must’ve been jealous when her husband didn’t conceal his fortune, That’s why they gave him an ill-bread wife for a punishment. She is too selfish to realized why her husband prefers talking to his sister about his embarrassing issue. She is angry because thanks to her husband bed-wetting, she is no longer the center of the universe. His hapless situation is a clear warning to the rest of us. Marriage is disease that destroys man’s soul.

Biden and His Female Victims

8 Women Have Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct, Inappropriate Touching. Media had quietly dropped Tara Reade. They are victim shaming her, suggesting since she has “lied” in the past about her education, so can’t be a  “true” rape victim! Biden was caught plagiarizing, and stealing speeches! Yet his vices makes him innocent?  The most infamous incident was in 1988 presidential campaign, and when he stole the speech from UK politician! So it is okay for powerful white liberal to steal speech, but no, no if you are a rape victim! This headline is from Washington Post.

Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate

Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

Just think about it! Biden has been accused by eight women for sexual harassment. That we know of — won’t he be compromise by Russian, or other foreign country if he is elected. Imagine a foreign country find more evidence of him abusing women, and use it against him during election?

Let’s not forget even if Tara Reade was lying. What about seven other women! The Times reported that lawyers were looking into Reade’s past. How about Biden past.  Are Suppose to believe these all other seven women are lying as well?

Even if you ignore Tara Reade what about following seven women. What ever happen to “believe all women”, hell in this case we can see the smoke, as well as the fire!

  1. Lucky Flores
  2. Amy Lappos
  3. D.J. Hill
  4. Caitlyn Caruso
  5. Ally Coll
  6. Sofie Karasek
  7. Vail Kohnert-Yount

Media keep telling us “Tara Reade” lied in her resume, so has Biden. He cheated in the school. stole speeches from other politician, not to mention – harassing non white, and passed the most the most anti-black crime bill in 90s!

Following quotes from liberal media shows that rape victims are always shamed when the predator is a rich guy — specially rich white liberal.

“Defense attorneys are reportedly now trying to determine if the transcripts shows she provided false testimony about her credentials,” ABC News reported, noting that claims she earned a B.A. from Antioch University have raised eyebrows.

Why is it Biden can get away saying his plagiarism in school wasn’t malevolent. But anything a rape victim said is questionable because she lied in her resume. You gotta be kidding me!

If this is the best Democratic party has to offer then Not matter Who, Never Vote For Blue!


[和訳付き] Biden’s Gaffes Seen by Japan

Mrs. Yoko from Japan made an excellent video regarding on going hypocrisy by Democratic party. It’s worth noting, this is how rest of the world see Biden the Rapist — as he is known around the world! I kid you not, but why read my boring comments, but you can hear her explain how bad and racist the white liberals looks like to outsiders.

Failed: John Oliver On COVID Conspiracy

John Oliver on his July 19, 2020 episode talks about “Covid-19” conspiracy. So far anyone who has questioned it has been deleted by Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Face. They reacted the same way anyone who has question Jeffrey Epstein death. Yet we suppose to believe that Epstein successfully committed suicide under 24 hours guard, and video surveillance.

What about Joe Biden the only thing progressive about Biden is his dementia. Worst yet totally ignoring six women accusing him sexual assault.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in an onging pandemic, that fact we are told it wrong to question the government makes this very scary. Mainstream, and social sites are working together only fuel to the fire. This type of idioitc censorship only increase public believe in Deep State. Once again media is on the wrong side, and people are rejecting them.

MGTOW Film Review: Sex and the City

Unless you are a 40 years old male ballerina clearly dealing with Oedipal issues and ready to settle down with a woman who looks like your mom. This film is not for you. If you haven’t seen it yet than count your blessing by miles. Movie likes these are clear proof how racist the white liberals are. Like the previous film, and the vomit inducing sitcom this one is also a dud. Film 2.0 is about over the hills ladies, and them thinking they are still hot to trot.

As a New York residence I happened to know bit more about this movie, and those aspects are worth looking into. The film was written by fellow New York residence. As usual media has never covered the author lifestyle, and her husband’s semi homosexual influence on the film. Her ex-husband a Gay-Straight man — to the uninitiated — this means he prefers ladies do the plugging – because he is not “into men”.

Plot of the film is pretty simple. In shorts it’s about four 50 years old alcoholic females “much like the author”. These ladies are living happily ever after. Thanks to 1080 resolution you can see it all; turkey neck, loose, dangling skin, and revolting wrinkly turkey’s wattling on human’s head. To further whet our appetite you get to hear women’s in 50s complaining about back pain when changing diapers, and hot flashes, and menopause. Perhaps film is meant to be a SciFi — cause author doesn’t explain how women get pregnant during menopause, and why are they still taking birth control pills!


Sex and the City 2 like its predecessor is based on vomit inducing articles written by Candace Bushnell. Her lifestyle and writing are reflection of each other. Above screenshot is a profile of the author, and her husband — a ballerina dancer. You can whet your appetite more by seeing some of her filth on New York Observer. Film try to convince “Mostly Women” that they can have it all. They can have a career, marry men younger then themselves, have kids in their 50s, and more.

By the way the picture of her husband above was given by almighty google. Google was quite generous, following screenshot is from his twitter profile. He has full on makeup, and you can also read from his tweets that he spends his time watching movies like Barbie in the Nutcracker, Fluffy My Bobo etc. This family is allowed to influence the mind the young impressionable kids. Is it any wonder no one take media seriously, and they are rightly called fake news?

Another fun fact; Mr. Askegard lost over 99% of his followers thanks to his ex-wife! Poor sob even changed his picture, and put on a makeup, and lipstick — alas only 500+ gay man under his belt — or skirt in his case.


The whole premises of the film is women don’t need men. To further illustrate this pointed  we see how they over come their enemies — rich masculine, straight man from Arabia. “Gals” in 50s are invited to United Arab Emirates by a rich businessman — here we suppose to suspend our mind that ultra rich Arab men would even bother looking at any girl over 25. Nor are we suppose to asked why the hell women in their 50s would go to middle-east on their own.

Are we suppose to also ignore that American girls would have sniff rich Arabs men on their own. Should we also ignore that CIA would never pick women in 50s to do their dirty work. One character in her 60s ended up with “gay straight WASP — naturally an underwear model”.  Other marry to a rich Alpha man, who apologized to his wife because his toxic masculinity made her slept with other men — continuation of a deleted scene “Reminding your wife of cheating is like raping her mentally” Last two friends are groupies with no life of their own.

Like most Hollywood movies this one also has a predictable plot, and typical happy ending with liberal racism. Damsels in Distress are able to trick nasty camel chasers Muslim, and feminists have out smarted fleets of mindless Arabs, and went back to living in New York City! Beside bashing Muslims, and catering towards feminists and bizarre Israeli propaganda there is nothing much there.






Iran Bullies West Again

Like a prostitute on a crack waving a knife on her customer. Iranian government has released a 25 pages secret agreement with China to bully and harass West. They really do not want to sign  any agreement with China. This is their way of telling White Devil. Hey whitey let us kill our Sunni neighbors, and you pigs (Persian reference to uncircumcised white European) help us by slaughtering Arab and help Israeli military, so Sunni Arabs & Turks will never build another Ottoman empire. This global chess board game is Persian way of pretending they are a still an empire. In reality Iran is a sixty years old street hooker trying to compete with stripper in her 20s!

It is an open secret that Iran, Israeli, and USA are allies and work against Sunni Arabs nations. This alliance given all three nations what they are not willing to admit.  American get cheaper oil. Israeli remain the stronge military power in the region because Arabs nations like Syria, and Iraq are control by Iranian. Finally, the Iran get the control the middle-east by sending their religion shia militia to neighboring nations like Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan so these lunatic don’t start any revultion in home, and Sunni countries remains divided, and easily control.

America, Israel, and Iran have been at war with Sunni Arabs since World War Two. This is their way of hoping Black and Brown Arab won’t be united as a single unified empire. Iran like a greedy child is hoping it can blackmail West by nudging toward China. Chinese are little bit smarter in this regard, they know that any transfer of technology to Iran means heading it over to West. Because Iran will sell anything to European, and America to get a better deal. Also Iran need European & American christian fundamentalist to destroy their Sunni neighbors, and perhaps young virgin blonde boys for their Imams.

As usual mainstream media pretend this is a religious war between Persian and Arab. In3reality this a race war Persian are waging against non-white Arabs. This is also the reason the reason white Muslim can openly date in Iran — it’s called “Nikah mut’ah“. But don’t expect our liberal media to look deep into it. Nor will white progressive who are a control opposition. So let’s not carries to water for Neo-conservatives, and their judo-christian loons.


MGTOW News – Will Smith Got Bitten

In 2013 I had the misfortune of watching Will Smith’s ghetto wife. She was saying

“uh I told Will dat eff he cheet on mee, it izzz on him, dis bitch need no million dollars alimony fooroom Will Shitmith cause he ain’t shit”. This interview was about “Open Marriage”!


Later she was asked to clean up her language; could barely get this out in her sub ESL English.

“Will can do whatever he wants to do as long as he can look in the mirror and be happy”

Basically what she was muttering: “yes I am having sex with other men, but if Will dare touches another women, Not only I will get lifetime alimony I will also ruin his career.” So it should be surprise to no one she was cheating with wannabe gangster with criminal background.


We only need to look at her hairstyle on this picture to see which direction this selfish woman went about. I mean just look at the picture above. While Will Smith brought millions of dollars. His wife went around sleet with every type of jail bird from the ghetto. This is why she dress like she is from the ghetto, and what type of “macho” men she prefers. The end result? Their child looks like a drag queen street hooker. She could’ve hired the top educated tutor, send the kid to best school in US of A, even teach 2nd language like French to put him above the curve.The end result; kid is not that different from rest of black population; even with millions of dollars they look like a nasty ugly, and revolting family.


The way she said and her boy language was all you needed to know that she is cheating on him, she prefers ghetto men with criminal background. Now she is all puppy, and playing the victim card, and everyone — including self denying Muslim Obama is telling Will Smith that he should not to divorce his cheating wife “cause it look bad for black community” — whatever that means in his murderous homosexual mind.

While it is okay for Obama to fondle little boys, but it is a no, no if straight black men wanting a decent life that involve not living with a toxic woman. That’s right up there with voter shamming among white liberals, and their black collaborators. And they wonder why there are so many single mothers in Black Community. Black men are the poorest in America, and they do not want to lose what little they have to a compulsive cheater, and a pathological liar like Jada Smith.

Leading the hurrah is none other then degenerate Howard Stern — how dare Jada boyfriend ruin her family life — she is soo hot — mind you this man watches incest porn about having sex with daughter, and he has three daughters, and one was nude on Broadway show, another one is a rabbi, and the last one hides in Israeli lab from him! These are the people shaming rich non-white for not “manning” up and apologizing to their wife because it is their fault that their ladies ended up cheating on them!

It should be obvious to anyone — any women who speak about morality is likely reflecting her immorality on her partners.

Creepy Joe Biden Jokes Child Gave Him “Permission To Touch Him”!

I can talk about nasty Joe Biden until my face is blue. As the saying goes seeing is believing, Video above is from “reliable sources” aka “mainstream media”. Creepy Joe was joke just hours after seven women accused him!

Following is “The Guardian” video description”!

“The former vice-president joked that a child gave him ‘permission to touch him’ in his first public appearance since allegations last week by at least seven women that his physical behavior made them uncomfortable.

The very idea of voting for Biden to save American from Trump is idiotic. How are American being saved by this nasty person. You an innocent person would go out of his away to avoid doing anything after being accused by multiple women! Trump was only accused by two porn stars, and media preached “believe all women”. Yet same liberals media are quite – sadly even Fox TV is staying quite! That’s real shame.

I mean; can you imagine a scenario where you would even joke about something like this. You think teacher would be working after saying something like that? Yet this is the man Democratic party pick, and they are harassing, and bullying non-white into voting for them. Which means; white liberals believe that non-white have no moral. They are scaring non-white by playing the race card, and everyone will fall in line. This is what they did about Obama! This means white liberals are more racist then ever.

I’ll reiterate again The fact he joked about “little boy consenting to his touch” is beyond any norm. This is specially shocking because he was stealing speeches from British politicians who were involved in “Westminster paedophile dossier“. Theresa May was yellowing for a “new culture of respect” whenever she was asked about prosecuting Rich White politicians molesting little kids. Just like two face Englishman we are being bullied by white liberals into voting for sexually deviant man man.

we have ever seen. This is how sick liberal are — Trump evil — Creepy Joe Good — ignore seven women! The scary part is now nasty democratic are forcing American soliders to stay in Afghan — 19 years of failure — you can’t rebels don’t have access to internet? What about average Afghan they see the same thing on the “free” internet. I can assure you not all “Brown Muslim” are watching porn. Some of them are put two and two togeter can coming to same conclusion. Hey if these English and American can’t protect their own kids how are we suppose to trust them? Believe me they don’t.

If you really want to waste your time, and energy by vote — at give it to 3rd party. Don’t play the game of lesser of two evil.