Trump & Tweets

I think media makes enough fun of Trump for me add any additional furry to the fire. But alas I am drawn to fire like moth to a flame.

Our commander in Chief probably has nothing to do in White House so he spend much of time playing on his tablet and likely came across NBA and decided to tweet following debacle.


You can not “withdraw” an invitation when person refuses to come to your house in the first place.

Remember this is the guy pick by conservatives & traditionalist voted him into the office. If that was not bad enough Men’s Right & NeoMGTOW wanted this scumbag into the office too.

Mens Right are our enemies, and so are traditionalist as well as all the politicians.

MGTOW: Debunking 11 Lies

Fake Media love pumping lies as yet proven again by recent article: “11 Lessons Learned While Looking For Love After 40“.

Let’s debunk it.

1. You’re not unlucky in love, you’re just on a different timetable.

You spent your youth “timetable” chasing around “bad boys”, now you passed your prime. Your “ticking clock” is like a man repellant. No man wants you now.

2. The number of relationships you’ve been in before 40 is not a status symbol.

History repeat itself. Same goes how you socialize in the past. If you were attracted to “fix a wrapper”. Well to do a man won’t be to your liking vice versa.

3. Take the dating advice offered by married friends—sometimes.

Why learn from a teacher how to write a letter when you can make a pen pal from a jail and write to your heart content.

4. Sometimes you just have to laugh about dating.

Laugh all you want, but in the end it is sad that in your 40s you are looking to start a family and kids, when in reality you should’ve have a family, and kids who are already in college.

5. Baggage isn’t a bad thing.

So will a 40 years old career women making 100K+ would be willing to marry a man who is divorce, and paying alimony?

6. Let go of the past.

Past has a funny way of biting us. Like a shadow onto itself it is always lingering around the corner. It will always show up when you are lest expecting.

7. There’s no shame in the bedroom.

40 years old “career women” who has all the money in the world. She want her partner to sexually satisfied her. Yet she is unwilling to show same consideration?

No wonder she is single.

8. Disregard labels and stereotypes about “still being single.”

If the shoe fit. Putting makeup don’t make you young. It only hide your withering age, and in the end when mask comes off all you are left with an unhappy reality that your single, and childless.1111

9. “You complete me” (not).

Welcome to MGTOW.

10. “Mr. Right” is not Mr. Perfect.

Neither are you ladies. If you were born “perfect” you would not be using “makeup/fakeup” to hide you age, make yourself look younger than you really are.

But let’s face it. When you truly mean is that older women can’t compete with younger women and as a result they are willing to marry anyone — even though they laugh and insult when they were sleeping around with “bad boys” and thought they are immortals.

11. Being alone is part of the journey.

Again welcome to our world. MGTOW where we embrace ourselves. Our body is our true soul’s mate.



Feminism Facing Reality

Few years ago an article was published in UK media “Women, you just can’t have it all by 30, OK? Good. So why do you keep trying?

I am sure many of you have heard the cure is worse than the disease”. This article is a grudging admission from women who they are and why we should avoid them.

I can even understand why Arabs shove burka over their female. After all who the fuck wanna see naked women in desert when you have to worry about starving to death, and men foolishly handing over water to a young girls, while his family is starving.

Title pretty much is reveal the entire summary of the article. I won’t waste too much tim over it expect something the writer said at the end of the article. That pretty proves why we MGTOW must steer clear from marriage mafia, and any relationship that can be legally binding — mostly commonly is “live in” although western nations are adding more obscure things into the law that can put you legal trouble. i.e. if your sex partner leave tooth-brush, or parks cars on a daily basis on your house — selfie taken in your house, bed room, join visa bills etc.

Anyway, the article is trying to tell women to “comprise” with “men” and make babies cause by the age of 30+ cards are pretty much in men’s hand.

What interest us in the article is the 2nd last advice.

Get men to change their attitudes. We need to help men help themselves. We have to start viewing a family as something a couple undertakes together.”

You see no matter what “men are not perfect”.

We “men” must become “perfect”, in other words be a obedient dog for women.

I know it sucks living alone, but trust me when I say this. Living with someone who is constantly telling that you ain’t perfect is far worst.

As the saying goes: “Men age like wine, women age like milk”.

We’ll have the last laugh.





Shooting in Mississauga

Visiting Toronto to my family I saw Canadian version of a fake called CP24.

Owner of Michaels restaurant was whining that his whore of daughter witnessed shooting.

Little research would reveal that his club going daughter hangout with bad boys of all sorts.

This traditionalist screamed shouted things likes “terrorist”. A code word referring to non white Canadian.

Naturally no one in media asked what the hell young girl doing in the middle of night. Palling around drugs dealers, and marijuana somkers.

You can safely bet your bottom dollar that his daughter will be a single mom and the unlucky jerk will be accused of date rape, or worst.

Conservative will use this incident to prop up support among white Canadian to discriminate and terrorize minorities.

Best solution for Canadian men of all races is to boycott marriage. Don’t feed this marriage maffia.

Let this jerk of a father babysitt his upcomming grandkids while his daughter cruises with bed men spreading HIV.

Me, Me, and More ME


NY Times: Angelina Jolie, Unbroken

I am not a treehugger, if anything I enjoy them for BBQ. However, I gotta tell ya whenever I see the stuff our fake media put out I wanna join tree hugging loon and shut the whole media down.

Our fake media did not report that US is demanding Cambodia to pay back the loan US given to CIA installed puppet. Remember this money was used to slaughter the natives!

This is just my guess, Angelina Jolie must’ve been googling for summer vacation. Saw Cambodia and said to herself — oh nobody visit that — what a unique place to take selfie. I’ll make Kim Kardashian jealous. Kim Kardashian was the first narcissist to take to a whole new level by compilation of 352 selfies called “Selfish.”

All of them were also taken in Asia. All the picture in her books are taken in a place where there were genocide, mass murder, and other sort of horrific chaos you will find Kim Kardashian picture, or something to do with her.

If Internet archives survive in future say around 2250. Museum of history where they are pasted you can be damn sure that Kim would be shown as bloodthirsty female going around Asia and murdering, and slaughtering the natives. Virtually, every one of her picture is taken wherever Native were bomb, killed, maime, or even nuked.

I’ll give you two example:

Kim Kardashian shares intimate pictures from Kanye West’s birthday trip to Japan 

“Speaking at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City, she said of her time in Japan: ‘Kanye and I woke up at 3am and we couldn’t get back to sleep and I said let’s go into, in this town in Tokyo where there are all these bright lights, let’s go take all these pictures and we’ll post them on social media and it will look so cool.

‘We tried to do it, and it was such a mess, and he just was not the best photographer. I was like, “You ruined what my social media was going to look like.” So we scrapped that shoot, but we got the good experience.'”

Another example when horrible typhoon happened in Philippine. Kim decided to direct media attention to herself. By selling her old nasty clothes on eBay to perverts. Kim Kardashian eBays her old clothes to help Philippines typhoon victims… but donates just 10% of the proceeds to charity.

As usual our “Fake Media” decided to feature a most important story during Hurricane Irma crisis: Angelina Jolie’s discovery of Cambodian genocide. Writer of this insane article try to convince us why you should feel sorry for her rather than people who were destroyed during US created Cold War.

I bet this narcissistic queen will soon discover  that Native American were really killed by White People. Oh, if only those pickaninny had tissue-papers!

In case you guys did not know. Genocide in Cambodia happened in 1970 during “Cambodian Campaign” US government dropped more TNT on this tiny nation than anyone — this include allied bombing of Dresden in World War II.

The entire “Cambodian Genocide” occurred because US military under President Richard Nixon. USA was interfering in Cambodian internal politics. Much like Russia is being blamed for revealing Hilary Clinton emails where she admitted of stealing election from Bernie Sanders.

An irrefutable fact Democrats/Liberal media ignore when talking about Trump/Russia scandal.

Here is reference from wikipeida:

“A change in the Cambodian government allowed a window of opportunity for the destruction of the base areas in 1970 when Prince Norodom Sihanouk was deposed and replaced by pro-US General Lon Nol.”

Due to American pressure Cambodian government collapsed this allowed Pol Pot to gain power, where he continued to kill his own people. All the while American were bombing Cambodian refugees who were running away from their insane government into Vietnam.

Cambodia was a giant concentration camp in 70s. By the end of Pol Pot regime 1/3 of its people were disable, and nearly 25% were perished as result of American policy.

Remember this was all happening during Vietnam War!. This was one of the main reason Chinese government dedicated large number of its army to fight off US in Vietnam.

One little fact both conservatives & liberals ignore about Cambodian Genocide. It was Communist China & Vietnam who saved Cambodian people from PolPot. Both nations used what little resources they had after Vietname War, and did whatever they could to remove PolPot.

Back in 1972 US military pressured Nixon to do “something’ about China. His answer was to normalize relationship with China. Until that time China was treated the same way Cuba is by US government. They figured economic bribe might work better since military threat has not been working so well. If anything American had been on losing the war.

Again in 70s American Army were bombing civilians much like Arab civilians are being bombed and victims are called “suspected terrorist”. Another word we won’t admit to our mistake because we don’t want to be called murderers and killers.

Anyway, how the hell American actress fit into all of this?

Your guess is just as good as mine. I am surprise that she didn’t just look south to Florida and start crying for attention.

Leave it on feminist to turn world crisis into a personal emotional trauma.

Some of following News about US Cambodia you may find interesting.




North Korea Reloaded


Our beloved President Trump said the following on his twitter account:

““North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success,” he said. “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

After the World War II Western nations apologized for enslaving & murdering the non-white world. However, it was all just a showmanship. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Let’s take current North Korea weapon program for instance. What right does US has telling any non-white nation not to protect itself?

North Korean are not threatening African, South American or even European. Hack even their fellow neighbors are pretty much chilling around the big commies. When Fake News Scream “North Korea Test World Patient”. It’s a joke for 7 billions peole around the world.

North Korean defense is only against American who came to bomb them. Namely U.S. & UK, and their insane allies during in WWII.

Are we suppose to believe in Vietnam War was bad, and Korean somehow was okay & moral?

Some nah most in West would point out — big bad commie government, no freedom, and the usual rebel rousing buzz words. The fact of the matter is America has used in military power to suppress and even enslave other nations. Take Iraq war under Bush Jr. for example. Invasion/Slaughter was based on a lie — there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Hell even Bush Senior in 90s lied to us about Iraqi. Remember in 90s this video was played over and over again “Nayirah Kuwaiti girl testimony” No one care to asked how this Kuwait girl can speak in an American accent?

She is the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States in Washington. She pretending to be the one of the victim. We hear about Trump’s Kids lying and email Russia. What about this?

Read the comment by the U.S solider from 90s invasion.

“I was 18 years old when I saw this, and joined the US Army on a lie setup by my own government. Think I’m pissed? And they wonder why we have 22 vets killing themselves every day”

Iraqi soliders were not throwing babies, and used it as an excuse to invade that nation which resulted in million of men, women, and children killed due to lack of food, medicine, and other basic needs which they were able to provide in the first place.

Another interesting fact because when Iraq invaded Kuwait it asked for America permission. US. embassador said United State will not care one way or the order. That is why Saddam was shooting scud weapon at Israel — because Israeli government were supporting this fake war.

What this mean is that Sadaam made sure that America knew the minute his solider invaded Kuwait so US citizen can leave days before the invasion!

Incidentally, pre war Iraq was Sunni Arab nation by wide margin — some estimate close to 70% of the population. Today Sunni Arab are less than 30% of the population.

What happen the them? American led sanctions against Iraq were a near-total financial and trade embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council on Ba’athist Iraq. As a result of this horrific policy — a majority ethnic group became minority.

What would you call this if not genocide — ethnic cleansing.

When Shia became majority — they started a genocidal war against remaining Sunni population. To put fire on the fuel. American CIA made sure that Iranian born Arab Shia became a leader of occupied Iraq. How ironic that liberals who supportted conservatives interfering in Iraq Election in Occupied Iraq cry what Russia did to US election “allegedly”.

Nearly 80% Sunni women were raped, and pregnant women had knife in their birth canal — oh but these nitty-gritty details we don’t get to hear in our “fake media” do we? Why do you think ISIS came into its existance — it was largely made of ex-iraqi soliders.

Do you guys remember prior of Iraq Invasion/Slaughter American demanded through UN that Iraq destroyed all of the Scud missiles — when Iraqi were totally unarmed American & UK started bombing them.


Above was a picture taken when US soliders were looting invaded Iraq. I need not point out that how many women, and children were raped and molested by the “liberation force”. One can even ask the older German population of Dresden.

So, North Korean, and many other nations have learned their lesson from what American did to Iraq. Which was not all the different to what happen to Native Americans, and even Japanese almost were wiped out by nuclear, and hydrogen bomb. History always repeat itself.

War monger in West are upset because they can’t push Korea around like Iraq. Fighting North Korea would be like fighting Nazi Germany. They much rather have their enemy destroy it defense — as Saddam & Gaddafi did so they can slaughter the native population — and keep us the America people glued to our Television.

I say good of Korean to defend themselves against Western Military & Media Complex.


Turnoff TV


After reviewing the movie The Space Between it downed on me all that I am als guilty of wasting time in front of TV. I realized that I do watch at least or two hours of TV. Struggling habbit I begining to control it.

According medical research”Inside The Human Brain: How Watching TV Changes Neural Pathways Versus Reading A Book“. Watch television is a very bad thing for kids. It also safe to assume that is equally bad for adults as well. In fact it is probably worst for us. Since most of us since in our late age our bodies are slowing doing.

Entire Article is worth reading. Keep in mind, it uses hair-splitting lawyer like language to confuse and befuddle the average Joe & Six Pack. However I will quote a paragraph which pretty much sum it up.

“A more recent study from 2015, published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, revealed watching too much TV could actually alter the composition of the human brain.  When researchers studied 276 children between the ages of 5 and 18, they discovered the more time spent in front of the TV, the thicker the frontal lobe region of their brains developed. It’s the same area that is known to lower language processing and communication, which researchers suspect is also why they had a lower verbal IQ. But that wasn’t all; the hypothalamus, septum, sensory motor region, and visual cortex were all enlarged — these are where emotional responses, arousal, aggression, and vision are processed.”

Notice that similar whine “think of the children”. Similar rhetorical devices are used to stop DNA test before allege father’s name is printed on the birth certificate. Female organizations (including lesbian), human rights, even Mens Right aka 2nd Wife Club (most of them have female chairman!) are stopping any DNA test done at birth of the kid. Traditionalist screamed “innocent until proven guilty” despite the fact vast majority of men don’t know that they are victim of paternity fraud until they file for divorce.

It’s Orwellian censorship at its best. Traditional (both conservatives & liberals) try to shame men with Communist style verbage “dont’ care about the pain of a newly mother giving birth!”.  There are no laws protecting the male victim. If man finds out his wife was cheating, and she made kids with someone else. He is still liable for life-time alimony, child-support, property-spilt, and even has to pay for her lawyers, and rental accommodation!

Like typical media. Article is trying to warn us about effect on kids mind. Unlike kids we the adult don’t go to school, or bother reading too many books at all. Knowing what exist in Main Stream Newspaper, Magazine, Orwellian approved western literature; one can hardly blame the public for wanting to contaminate their mind with written propaganda. However, message comes out clear: TV is dangerous for human being.

As I said I am also guilty of TV addiction. However, I had taken a step toward making my life freeing from media. I don’t have cable subscription. I also throw the TV in the garbage. Very few thing which I watched was news, and news commentary. Even that I am cutting down on it.

One can get the same theme from newspaper — preferable online, or from public library (I won’t even spend few cents over main stream newsaper, magazine, and books).

I suggest everyone does that same thing. TV, Cinema, and even Music is nothing put verbal, and visual pollution destroying us from the inside.

Let’s keep our body & mind healthy, and sane.

MGTOW Film Review: The Space Between

Like most movies coming from the north (Canada). This is yet another example of how far down our society has gone. This is a rare movie that truly reflect the life of the married couples in Canada. Those of you who are not familiar with Canadian style marriages. Perhaps you ought to watch what John Oliver discover about men & women of the brave north.

This is why Canadian need a free health care system!

In case you think I am streotyping our neighbour. Let me quote what Canadian film wirter/director Amy Jo Johnson has to say. In her inteview in Toronto Metro:

“Where did the idea for this story come from?

The idea was based on the first short film I did. It’s a moment in that movie that I decided to expand. All the stuff I write is loosely based on people I know and situations they’ve gone through.”

Did you read that bit “loosely base on people”.

That is why I included the John oliver youtube’s video. What many people don’t know is that vast majority of Canadian tourists in Cuba are looking for girls/women/ even young boys — virtually all of them (men & women) are married. I guess what else are they going to do in Snowy Land expect f#$@.

This is the summary on Wikipedia page:

“When a man discovers that his child is not his biologically, he goes looking for answers to his questions”

Believe me you don’t need to know more. However, those of you still curious here is more:

Mitch the pathetic main character found out that his wife Jackie was barfing with a 20 years old university student.  Jackie wanted to have a kid with a young man because her middle-age husband would not able able standup againt the man in his 20s. That’s why she deliberately picked a guy from a university.

In case her husband wanted a divorce because she was cheating. She has secure eitherway. This also increased her chance of getting a better child support from a young man who will be graduating from university and will have 100k+ job. Either way she will get a better deal if her husband divorce her. Also, when young man get a better this child can be used a knife because no single girl would want to marry a man with a child.

Her interview reveal lot more than the story itself. Two question at the end of the interview, and her answer tell us lot about which direction Canaddian society is heading (US is following this same pattern albiet bit slowly.

“What are you trying to say with this story that’s new?

Fertility panic from the male perspective is something we haven’t really seen. The story is Mitch’s journey to find acceptance in what his wife has done and be a father to this baby he loves dearly. The idea is that family doesn’t have to be what we think of as family. It’s really about acceptance and forgiveness. “

Feterility panic? No, his wife cheated on him. Can you imagine any husband telling his infertile wife, “baby I didn’t cheat that’s your “fertility panic”! You can safely bet your bottom dollar that such a man would  be called “misogynist”.

You’ve called this film “heartfelt.” How did you avoid sentimental, Hallmark territory?

I have a dark, dry sense of humour. That’s how I approach any writing. I’m a sap and I love heartfelt things. The humour takes away the sappiness.

Her answer to the last question is her Orwellian way of saying that she wants Canada to to outlaw DNA test without the permission of a wife & women. As it has been done in most European countries like France & UK. States like California women can just put anyone name on a birth certificate and that poor man trap for 18 years!

Sadly, in our own country we have people like Michael Sonmore. Story of a NYC resident who decided to become a male feminist (house-husband) thus freeing his wife to sleep with other men, and stay home to babysit his kids (although there is a high chance he ain’t the father). It’s not for nothing we are seeing more and more show cuckold genra. Another fine example is “House Husbands” an australian sitcom comedy where husband is a stay-at-home dad. As I said there are lot of people like Michael Sonmore in western world.

Writer & Director of this honest story is none other than a Canadian feminist Amy Jo Johnson.  She is known for her 90s series The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. She was the pink ranger in thissuper hero tv series.

As for the rest of us. There is another proof why staying single is a best and only choice.




Fake News: Hurricane Harvey & Charlie Hebdo


Just like  North Korea, main stream media has decided to bash French tabloid for insulting victim of Texas flood.

It is ironic that the same nasty newspaper (as it is part of mainstream media) was protected and even praised for bashing French African, Arabs, and Muslims.

Although, they were warm not go after Jews & Holocaust. Don’t you think such a duplicity would create inflammatory environment?

This is another example of why most of us have given up of TV & Cable News.

Turn off TV and Turn on Life.

Fake News: North Korea Test World Patients!

Above was the heading pasted all over the TV past few week. That is until recent Huston flood took away world attention.

But does anyone in the world care that North Korea has ICBM?

North Korea has never threaten people of African, or anyone in Europe, or even any of their neighbour in Asia. Barring American allies such as Japan, and South Korea.

Let’s face it. Trump is right is a strange way.

Mainstream Media is a fake news. They hate it when they are being told that they spread lies, and misinformation.

No one in the world cares that North Korea is building up ICBM. However, everyone is scared and terrified of American military hence the reason for The Arms Race.