In Defence of Gold Diggger

Being burnt in divorce court. I naturally have no love for women who try to steal money from their ex. When I was divorcing my ex-wife I told her to take everything, the car, house, including the money in the bank. We have one daughter together I only wanted access to my kid. That’s all.

She still wanted to make it as hard as possible. At the same time she decided to move on with her life with another man, and she was always walking with him in front of my new residence which was 120 miles away her.

I could have called the police, but for sake of my kid I forego and suffer in silence. Every time she would pass by my new condo with her boytoy, and my little girl. I was happy to see my daughter face. They say we men don’t have motherly feeling, I say you don’t have heart to judge a father.

After my divorce I joined MGTOW. A group of men who reject marriage because court unfairly favor women. So why would I defend a gold digger? When a 70 year old man married a 20 years old girl. That is not a relationship base on deceit, but of a mutual understanding. Young women willing to be his trophy wife, and in an exclusive relationship provided that old fart let her be part of her will.

Story I am talking about happened in UK.

Court brands widow liar over £600,000 will ‘found in an empty Doritos packet

marsha.pngThe title of the story pretty much tells you all you need to know about the episode. A 20 years old woman married a man who was in his 70s. After this death, his life saving was split between three people. His daughter, a friend, and a wife. His daughter from his first marriage, Ms Davies, will receive around £430,000, with £140,000 going to an old friend and £25,000 to Ms Henderson.

paulette.pngHis marriage to her was for pure sexual services, and he should have paid her for the services he was receiving. Yes she is at fault too. However, my issue here is ethical, and inherent hypocrisy of traditional conservatives.

If you gonna do nasty with someone, at least do it by not tarnishing your family name. His behavior has been reflecting on his daughter who has gained alot of weight and was resentful that daddy was pumping, and dumping younger hotter chick and she will be treated the same way. Hence her 500 pound weight gain.

This is typical behavior of traditionalist. They want us men to get married, and be abused by the system of their own design. Yet at the these same traditionalist are busy abusing the law & order and blaming rest of us of their corruption. Men Rights group was created to “correct” the system. However, at one point we men realized that system is so corrosive to men’s right and freedom that we need to boycott marriage as whole. Solution is simple don’t get married at all, and no legally binding live in relationship .

This is why we MGTOWs are not against gold diggers, nor we hate feminist. If a woman get involve with a traditionalist man than he should be force to pay full. Hopefully this girl can find a feminist lawyer, and get large portion of the estate. As the marriage vows goes “Until Death Do Us Part”. Now part yourself from your wealth, and enjoy hottest weather of the underworld.



Court brands widow liar over £600,000 will ‘found in an empty Doritos packet’

Trump Wall Becames Pie In The Sky

00_pieTrump told his followers that he will build a solar power wall over the southern border. He also added that Mexican will only pay fraction of the cost compare to a conventional wall. His argument would have made more sense if he explained everyone that American have been running the same gig with their northern neighbor.

We get free electricity from Canada, hell they even pay us for using it. Under a scheme called “electricity dumping” Canadian pay us for using their unwanted energy, our neighbor also pay for grid maintenance to tone of billion dollars. The only thing is missing are Latino workers repairing the electrical wires and than heading for kitchen and bringing us Pina Colada and Tacos.

Ontario paid $1 billion to dump excess electricity in 2013

US does not have electricity shortage at all so why does he even want waste on a project that has negative EROEI (energy return on energy investment)? Just like many of his insane ideas this will never turn into fruition. Best solution would have been to built cheap suburbs around the border, and offer cheap housing border guards, and people who buy and sell things around the border also rent or buy property, and big box stores like Target & Walmart open their business. But helping poor sound like a socialist scheme so that won’t fly with conservatives who also prefer illegal immigrant for farming and other blue color work.

It also means normalize relationship with non-white which red states would be totally against. Isn’t funny Soviet Union flag was red, and so is Republican Party’s Flag Color. Anyway, all kidding aside it’s seems conservatives voters are willing to waste even more money and time on a man who is destroying their very lives. But than again isn’t it true for all true believers.

Don’t forget these fundamentalist Christians elected a man whose daughter switch to another religion, and he changes wives like underwear.  One doesn’t need to go Middle-East to see religious extremism just watch our fellow Christians defending Trump.

Morning Cuck Joe


Main Stream Media does one thing, and one thing only bash men, and only men only.  I am not just talking about female host on Cable TV Network TV, this include for the most part male host.

This occured to me when I was watching Morning Joe where he interviewed a senator Ben Sasse who wrote a book “The Vanishing American Adult”. Book is nothing but men bashing gibberish by tradcon politician backed by professional magina Morning Joe host “Joe Scarborough”.

Senator whines that men used to act like men in the past, and now they are just not serious, and lack discipline etc, etc. Would he say the same thing about married women fighting against paternity fraud? If they did not cheat on their partner than refuse DNA test.

Mangina host Joe backs him up by telling us that college girls are always telling him that their boyfriends are spending hours playing game rather than paying attention to them. Where have we heard this before? None of these cuck would dare to talk about life-time alimony, or false rape accusations.

Derek2-heelsThis is typical behavior of conservatives who bemoan and cry that past was amazing, and present sucks. This is why you always see books and TV shows telling you that “ancient” technology is amazing. Battlestar Galactica, or forgettable books like Eragon where speaking an ancient language means you can hold the world by the ball — quite literally.

I can deconstruct the book for you as well as the interview, however it’s better to give a picture that help you understand how bad our society is for men. Conservatives, and traditionalist are obsess with past — this is why their political label is called “conserving not creating”. Now take Battlestar Galatica series. Show is about human civilization traveled far away from earth, and created a multi solar system empire, only to be taken over by robots of their own creation.

Escaping a nuclear holocaust from Robots (Cylons) human play hide and seek from Cylons who are chasing to kill the last remaining survivors.  Human learn from their ancient text book that their origin is from earth, and for some reason that is where they will take refuge again.

Entire story is preposterous. Think about it. Why didn’t the ancient human extended their empire from their native Planet earth to other satellite within the solar system, as well as where they were going. Finally why the heck after all of this advancement earth human decided to live like neanderthal, and even lost spoken language?

The main issue with western writers is that they want to convince their audience that no matter where you travel in the universe eventually you’ll have to return to earth where Jesus & Mosses were farting, and shitting in the middle-east. This is base on their fear that leaving earth, or even creating multi-solar system colonies mean losing connection with Chrisitanity, and Israel. How man human born on Mars would care about two bump fuck people fighting over sands and rock?

Incidentally, BS story is based on Jewish myth that after great holocaust all of the 13 tribes will return to Israel and world will bow to their insane prophet. Western fantasy writer suffer from same crap, Eragon a book about dragon, and evil king has similar theme. Boy find a dragon egg, learn “ancient” language get horny around elfs, and defeat the evil king, all of this by learning “ancient” language.

This is where MGTOW should differ. We reject past because society wants men to go back to plantation, and war. Women will sit home, watch TV, and claim that they are taking care of the kids, when in reality it is the school who prepare them for the future.

Restoring past is not our goal, we need carve out new path, and built our own destiny.

Gotta Love Dem

An ongoing lawsuit against DNC for stealing the party election and handing over to Hillary just took a new twist.

Debbie Wasserman phone was used with voice changer for harassing anyone opposing Hillary Clinton, and for other nefarious purposes.

Evidence with call logs screenshot were submitted in court. So what excuse Democrats have?

“Her office was in renovation therefore she couldn’t have done it.”

Do they really expect us to believe this lie?

During Watergate Republican wiretape Dems phone, and made illegal photocopy of party’s internal documents. 

Again; do they really expect us to believe that Democrats have never secure their telephone after Watergate scandal?

It makes Russia hacking all the more suspicious.

Democratic lost the election because of Russian hack, but no in media is questioning as to why Democrats are so inept in securing their communication after Watergate scandal?

Ask yourself if someone broke into your home and stole your valuables would you act like DNC leaving your phone and other communications devices wide open for strangers? 

How can liberals secured our country, jobs and healtcare system, when they are unable to protect a single office from a thief?

It makes you wonder if they really wanted to win the election in the first place? Just think about it. Everyone knows that Trump is a buffoon, and having him as a president for next eight years will help Democrats. 

Perhaps dnc leaked the emails on purpose. Trump presidency will stop public demand for reform within Democratic party. Liberals are demanding free healtcare, and free education like most European countries. That’s the last thing leader within the party wanna do; help taxpayers.

Republican are getting tacit support from democrats to destroy Obama Care. Vast majority of the financial funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. Both parties needs money for elections, and extra zeros are added to their Swiss bank account.

DNC lawsuit now includes claim that someone in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office used voice changer  

Lawrence of Arabia and Birth of Terrorists

cocaneIt is a saddest thing, but past has tendency of repeating itself. Many of you may not know but during cold war U.S army was trying to get rid of communist from South & Central America just as they are trying to kill of Muslim Terrorist around the world. Both crisis were created by US government.

Entire region was used by US corporations to grow crops — including manufacturing cocaine pills & syrup for toothache. At the height of cold war American Warmonger like Henry Kissinger had trained innumerable puppet military among them were the Salvadoran Army their job was to killed communist, and leftist within Salvador. December of 1981 US Trained Army forced went to a small village called El Mozote and slaughtered over 800 people.

This is why War on Drugs was a such a joke, however decade later same war mongers changed their tone and start War on Terrorism. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

It should be noted that In December 2011, the El Salvador government apologized for the massacre. However, United State government never apologize for causing it. In fact CIA, FBI, US government and the media goes out of their way to ignore it. These butcher were trained inside US military training center to killed, murder, and raped (which also involve insert knife into women’s vagina  in front of her family member; prefer method by Henry Kissinger) by United State Government.

Latin America had been going through similar bloodbath like we see in Middle-East. Yet we are reminded from the  mass media and entertainment industry these killing were going on in middle-east and other “3rd world countries” since the down of time. Never a peep of word who created this mess in the first place.


Most of you have heard or watch a movie called “Lawrence of Arabia”.  Movie is based on a true historical account. Western power decided to trained Arab terrorist to killed Lawrence and his gang provided Arab weapons, and training. This is what created present day war on terror/islam. Enemy of their own creation.

“Due to his knowledge of the native Bedouin tribes, British Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence is sent to Arabia to find Prince Faisal and serve as a liaison between the Arabs and the British in their fight against the Turks. With the aid of native Sherif Ali, Lawrence rebels”

Again it was not the local people who wanted to fight their Turkish brothers (yes that’s how Educated Arab used to look at their Turkish neighbors. This was also tried by Pope in the past aka crusade. It was not the native population who started race and religious war in middle-east.

Similar project of divide and rule were done in Africa that resulted in Rwandan genocide. In fact it wasn’t even Jews who murdered Jesus, it was done by Romans . Why Roman would listen to the people who they just crushed in war about killing.

Can you imagine US army obeying ISIS for stoning women to death? Yet we are to believe powerful Roman Empire kneel in front defeated and despised Jews and killed their false messiah? This is why Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer can not be trust. His claims thaet middle-east has been at war for thousands of years , when in reality it was people like him committing the mass murderer in the first place.

1999-03-12-another-banana-warSame way drug was not epidemic in Latina America until American farm industry start stealing farm land in South & Central America. By now most of you probably realize current day ISIS were created by USA. During Soviet Afghan war American trained a communist fighting group in Afghanistan called Mujahideen their job was to killed Russian, and including local Afghan (man, woman, and even children) who were working with Russian. This also include anyone who was able to speak a word of Russian.

Similar things were done in Iraq. After destroying Saddam and his Baath Party. American installed their own puppet — vast majority of them were born and raised in Iran. At that time Iraq had over 80% Sunni population. American made sure a minority Shia government remain in control of Iraq, and with the help of Iran they slaughter nearly 50% Sunni population thereby making Shia majority in Iraq. Doesn’t that sound like what happen to Native American? Didn’t I tell you history repeat itself.

All of this happened within the 8 years of Bush administration, and people who became minority resisted and they formed their own resistance group. In order to destroy them American created similar version of Mujahideen (aka Surge) thereby starting a religious war — fully allowing Iran to trained Shia population of Iraq to killed Sunni (who were the main support of Sadaam). Later this American trained mass murder became what is now known is ISIS.


If you guys are wondering why the hell American would allow Iran to takeover Iraq after spending over trillions of dollar. This was done in the past too. Just readup about Iran–Contra affair.

In brief:

The Iran–Contra affair also referred to as Irangate,[1] Contragate[2] or the Iran–Contra scandal, was a political scandal in the United States that occurred during the second term of the Reagan Administration. Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was the subject of an arms embargo.[3] They hoped, thereby, to fund the Contras in Nicaragua while at the same time negotiating the release of several U.S. hostages.

Just thinking about it implication. Are to believe that current administration would do this? Like Roman Empire American empire created its satellite states in Latin American it was start with Banana War, and later under the pretext of fighting communism they killed well over 20$ Spanish Population.

This is why I have love hate relationship with Trump. When President Trump said “are we so innocent?” He was right, and the media pretending to be shock and horror is nothing more but smokescreen hoping against hope that we will not use our brain to dig the fact and connect the dots.

Peggo was right. We have met the enemy and he is us. Let’s not finance our own destruction by voting for the same mafia whether they hide behind democratic party, or republican party.


Mistrial: Bill Cosby Case

Rape victim Andrea called Bill Cosby on valentine day. What kind of an idiot call her rapist on a valentine day? In my early 20s manager at coffee shop promoted me as a supervisor. Little did I know that my fellow coworkers whom I considered friends would start treating me differently. Things got worst when I had to suspend one of the employee. He accused me of using him as an example to establish my supervisory status.

I suspended him because every Friday he was taking off. So when he called me on Thursday evening because he could not come to work on Friday I told him to bring a doctor note next week. The guy was in his 40s, he was working the same establishment for a decade. Also, it did not help that I was a flaming liberal and an immigrant from South Africa, and he was conservative born and bred in US of A. He thought I would look the other like others. I cited regulations and he became enraged. He took the matter to human resources where I was I asked to present my reasoning.

This happened right around time I was studying for medical exam. For a weekly $500 dollar part-time job this was too much. Luckily my parents who had worked in managerial position prepare me for a sold case. It came a shock to him that human resource fired him. Thus establishing my domain on the store. In a way I was the Obama of the store – first non-white supervisor. I scored major points with the cashier who became my first girlfriend.

Once he was gone most of staff reestablish friendly relationship. But I gotta tell you, experience as bad as it was made me stronger I had better understanding of my own endurance and tolerance. When I joined the military I was far more prepare for a psychological training than most.

I was reminded of this when I was watching Cosby drama unfolding over the media. A blind actor with a dead son whose wife is still standing by him. Yet we hear nothing from his wife, or his daughters. All the witnesses kept relationship with him for years after they were allegedly rapped. Did you know he used his personal money to fund college tuition for poor black students.

There are lot of things in Main Stream Media which we ought to take with grain of salt. Like non of the big cable news network, or newspapers are covering DNC Lawsuit. Or, that DNC former leader was using her office phone to harass Bernie supporters. Than we have Republican party trying to pass new healthcare bill without letting us know what’s in the Bill.

Many of you probably forgotten by now that back in 90s Bill Cosby lost his son to a Russian mob. So when Bill Cosby was declared guilty by media. I wonder why it was. If you have read or heard the testimony of witness, Andrea admitted that she was calling and texting Bill Cosby multiple times. She is a 30 years old woman who lives with her parents, and went to jail multiple time for selling drugs. Before she accused Bill of rape she called a lawyer to “discuss” the matter, and did it in a foreign country — Canada.

When she came back to USA she continued to have sex with Bill, and sell drug to little kids around Canadian high school, and even kindergarten. This rape case helped her with citizenship in USA, as well as lots of money when she has been using for drugs. Later she start calling herself lesbian. Yet research shows she never had a lesbian partner in Canada. Only in USA she started dabbling in lesbian sex — and mostly she drug addicts like herself.

Worst yet, other witnesses are serial accusers. Meaning they have filled rape accusations against multiple other men. Yet reminding everyone that it is like bashing victims. We don’t know if Bill Cosby is a rapist, however, Andrea behavior is very bizarre, and not at all one would expect from a victim.



Detox Junkies

I am ashamed to admit it but I hate eating vegetables. However, like most adults I force myself to eat veggies. Luckily, my diet always include large amount of green — such as Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Celery, and other green stuff. Luckily, I don’t to worry about weight loss, nonetheless I had change few things to make my daughter eat vegetables.

I was discussing this with my friend in the gym, and she suggested that I add smoothie with ice, and this will allow my daughter to get use to the taste of veggies. It’s just so happen that I was looking to buy a new blender so I decided to buy a Ninja Blender/Smoothie Maker, it’s cost around $200, it’s high-end, but totally worth it because unlike cheap blender it will not break on you after few usage. Added bonus is that not only my daughter love drinking smoothie, she is looking forward to making it as well.

This led me to go online to find more smoothie recipes. Vast majority of the time I came across “detox”, or seven day cleansing program. I realize that “detoxing” is normally a girl thing. After a breakup hit for the gym, and wait for the next guy so you can balloon back to “normal”.

I find these people very annoying. Why don’t these people stop eating stuff that is adding toxic to their body. What is even more shameful that they are planning to add more toxic to their body after “clean” break. As if keeping your body clean is a punishment.

I mean if you eat normal, and healthy food, you don’t need to “detox” yourself every now and than. Just eat more vegetables, and fruits, and stop eating out at the restaurant, and make your own coffee rather than drive by to pickup a coffee. It’s not a hard thing to do.

Having a healthy diet is not only good for your body, and it gives you additional life. So stick to it like your life depends on it, because it truly does.





Politics: The First Nincompoop

When most American jokingly called Bush President Nincompoop aka Bush 2.0. They don’t realized the very first idiot was Richard Nixon. Prior to him becoming the president, most Americans looked at their political system  with pride and arrogance. Watergate made made American realized how corrupt their own system was.

vietnam-war-protestThey stopped paying attention to “cold war”, and “communism”. They looked at the own system and compared it with Soviet Union. This is why there were so many protest in 60s & 70s about Vietnam war. No doubt very large number of them were fuel and finance by Russian. Just like current DNC email hack that change the outcome of election in 2017. Russian meddling in American internal affair change the opinion At the height of Vietnam war American were losing soldiers by the thousands — a figure not that different from current war on Islam/Terrorism.

Jeanette Rankin Brigade Protesting Vietnam War

Instead of wooing the opinion of the public Republican decided to divert the public’s attention by creating an artificial scandal around democratic party. Nixon and his ilks decided to burglarized DNC office located in Watergate building, made photocopies of the official documents, and also wire tape the phone calls as well. It’s ironic that Republican this time used Russian change the election outlook.

When information came out what Republican had done they went on to intimidate the fellow employees just Trump did to James Comey. Yet at the end it resulted in Nixon resigning from the office.  Will history repeat itself all over again? Perhaps, but don’t count on public to learn from the past, we are a creature of comfort, and we love to repeat out mistake rather learning from it.

Don’t Pray for Steve Scalise

It’s hard not pray for someone who is sick, or who was shoot and wounded such as happened to Steve Scalise. However, we should not forget who this person is.

He once spoke in front of an audience of an European-American Unity and Rights Organization, a white supremacist group run by David Duke. David Duke beside being a full-blown white supremacist also went to jail for tax fraud. In 2003;

He was prosecuted under Bush administration, and was fined $10,000. You know he the type of dude even republican don’t want around — remember they elected Trump recently, or nincompoop Bush in 2000. So when Stevie boy admitted that he gave a speech in front a white supremacist and he did not know — he was outright lying.

Really, you didn’t know who David Duke is? Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana State Senate — the very same state you live and represents in congress. You can safely bet your bottom dollar he would have hung around ISIS, and other terrorist group if they had blonde hair, and blue eye. 

The irony of the whole thing is this extremist group is pro-gun, pro nazi and every other nasty personality you don’t want in your son-in-law. So it is pretty amusing to see he was shoot by a gunman whose freedom he has been fighting for in the first place.

When he is not hanging around with gun loving Nazi, he is fighting against Obama Health Care, or any type of plan that will provide free health care to poor people. Why call yourself a civilization, when you can’t be civil towards the poor and vulnerable of your community.

It is his policy that got him where he is today. Today he is suffering the same pain which he has inflicted among American because they are not white, or they are not rich.

So here is my prayer. I pray for those people who lost their healthcare thanks to rich republicans destroying Obama Care because it is promoted by non-white, or help non-white & poor, and I pray that G-d protect them and rest of us, keep us healthy.



David Duke Sentenced to 15 Months
Who is Steve Scalise, the congressman shot at a baseball practice?


Conspiracy Abound

conciI don’ t believe in coincidence, more precisely a repeated occurrences of similar events all over again.

Think about what has been happening in our western world. Starting with UK. Nationalist/Conservatives tank the economy of the country, and right around the time of an election they had a “terrorism” event.

Similar theme was played during Russia investigation here in US. Republican party was getting beaten up by Russia investigation. Jeff Session pretty much pointed figure at Trump by recusing himself from Russia inquiry.

If it was not bad enough Republican party praising Trump during Cabinet meeting — which pretty much what FBI Director James Comey said about Trump when he was asked for a loyalty during dinner.

And all of sudden we had shooting that sort of taken the pressure off from Republican Party.

Terrorism is a serious problem, and hell this could all be just an amazing coincidence, but then again didn’t Republican mentioned Wag the Dog movie when Bill Clinton bomb pharmaceutical factory in Sudan during Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Republican even posted an interview with technical manager of bombed pharmaceutical factory in Sudan where he was able to prove that The Al-Shifa factory was not making chemical weapons”

Wag the Dog was 1997 film about false flag perpetrated by US government to distract public attention from the scandal.


Trump praised by his Cabinet members in first meeting

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry

Former FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before Senate (Full)

Wag the Dog

Clinton Bombed Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical During Monica Lewinsky Scandal