Marriages are like Kermit the Frog

Mr. Whitmire self deluded lunatic who portrayed Kermit for 27 years was fired from Disney. It was because he tried to tell the writers, and directors what Kermit ought say.  Perhaps working for 27 years in Disney he started to believe that Puppet can be a master.

For us as MGTOW his story illustrate an amusing fact that most men don’t want to face. Marriages are same way. Government and Wives make the rules, and they are enforced by court. If you try to go off script you will be penalized. If you insist, you will lose 1/2 of your property, may even end up paying lifetime alimony, and child-support even if kids are not yours.

Recent cry in Boston Globe ” Plug the loopholes in alimony reform” has this to say:

“A much-needed reform in 2011, the alimony and divorce laws in Massachusetts were among the most antiquated and unfair in the country. “

Article then insert a false & a lunatic idea that women are victim if men are not paying their hard earn money to women etc etc. If women are just as good as men then why do they need our money?

Just go out and make money just like rest of men. Later on in the article you see the link and the picture of a men who got screwed under newly reform divorce law.


As you can see marriage reform did not help men, it only made the situation worst. My answer to all of this is very simple. Don’t get married at all. No live in relationship, or any form of arrangement that will led you losing your hard earn money, time, and emotion.

Stay safe, and stay single.


Kermit the Frog Performer and Disney Spar Over an Ugly ‘Muppet’ Firing

Hillary Clinton & Trump’s Son Stupidity

While liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow are focusing on only one fact “email hack”, and “Russia”. It would behoves us to remember this entire mess was Democratic fault.

Remember Hillary Clinton was using private email server which was illegal, and then she made sure that only “immigrant” from “3rd world” countries were working so that she could blame non-white. Which is exactly what Debbie Wasserman did when her “Pakistani IT Technician” came to reset her password 2 in the morning.

Here is something amusing to remember about her Pakistani technician, he was here on a green-card, and now US Citizen. So, why do these scumbag liberals are still calling him an outsider. Using labels such as “Pakistani” is an indication that these white liberals don’t consider these non-white as “one of us”.

Here is what so ironic about all of this. African-American have been complaining that white liberals have been using them for votes. Democratic vehemently deny that and even attack these critics and call them racist. However, by their own action they are proving us that racism among white liberal do exist.

So it should not be a surprise to any of us that current scandal in Trump administration proves that there is a unbridgeable gap do difference between white liberals and rest of humanity.

They can scream from top of the roof that “Russia, russia, and more Russia” but in reality why did Hillary lost the election? Why?

Because emails from DNC shows that Hillary collusion with Debbie Wasserman to steal the election from Bernie Sanders.

They even admitted it in DNC lawsuit that we don’t have to respect public opinion…

Republican & Trump wanted win the election, and Democratic party wanted to lose the election which is why we have the mess we see about the administration.

Some of you are wondering why would Democratic party wanted to lose the election? Simple they will be under pressure from progressive, for single payer health care system like rest of the developed world has.

This is why so called current crisis was created by liberals who wanna sit behind the scene for next eight years, and when they come for reelection no one would demand total reform of the system such as free healthcare, free college education etc..




Howard Stern Hypocrisy

Take a look at following screenshot I took from Howard Stern Site.


Show is about “man shaming” a fool from Florida.

However, Howard Stern has been doing this for a very long time. Few years ago he was upset at Baptist minister Pat Robertson because man was in a abusive relationship.

Howard rational was that “we don’t know that man was not lying”.

Can you imagine any traditionalist using the same argument if women accuses her partner?

How about Bill Cosby accusers?

Virtually all of them are saying that he “rapped” them in 70s.

How he rapped them?

He “offered” them a pill in a club where these ladies went for drugs. Those of you who don’t know in 60s, and 70s drugs were a pass time recreational activities among hippies.

His so called last victim was calling him on valentine day — how many rape victim do you know who called their abuser on a romantic day?

Anyway, it’s sad state of affair that we have deal with these type of hypocrites.

Most of you won’t be surprise to learn that while loves talking about other women private parts, and at the same time bash men for jumping into plantation.

His own daughters were raised as orthodox jew.

Apparently, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Rest of us should act like a “man” when our wives kisses other men on the lips, and when they are allowing other men to spank them on the ass.

Low and behold if someone look at his own daughter,he loses his temper easily.

Saddest part is he suppose to be “an alternative” media. However, like rest of his statement he is a liar.

My advice to all of you is simple: Don’t get married, nor any live-in relationship.


Howard Stern & MGTOW


October 25, 1999 Howard Stern announced his separation from his wife.

One hour into the show (skip around 57:00 mark). He tell us why she is dumping him.

His wife was unhappy that he “worked” too much. Remember he is a shock jock radio host. Where he has to come up with new theme, ideas, and stay interesting. This is how he made million of dollar.

She wanted him to “spend” time with her on Friday, and Weekends. Which means (being paraded around top notch shopping stores in Fifth Ave NYC, and other parts of States.

Did she ever consider that he need a time for him?

It amazing that she trained him to the point where he told everyone that “Howard Stern: Divorce ‘felt like such a failure

He also admit in this show that “Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy” don’t work. Of course he is still seeing a “therapist”.

He was a good provider, and shared everything with her. Yet, like stero typical wife she dump him after 20 years of marriage, and took 1/2 of everything he made while she sat home, or spend million of his hard earn money trying to make other women jealous.

What’s amazing is that he admitted he love being alone, and it’s hard for a women to get along with him (which is his way of admitting he can’t take their abuse).

Like a typical Tradcon he went back into plantation and got married again.




Debunking Modesty

Vaginal Industry has debunked traditionalist lies that women are modest. This trend that going on among women maybe new. conversation surrounding is as old as civilization.

There are group of ladies who held weekly meeting about Vagina. An average women spend $120 – $900 taking care of their golden uretus. This does not even include birth control.

Newly created genre is called Vaginal Skin Care.

This is just a small list of thing women are spending money on.

  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Fur Oil For Pubic Hair (WTF?)
  • Vajacial
  • Vaginal Douching
  • Vaginal Bleaching and Lightening
  • Colon Hydrotherapy

Things like this also debunk the fact there is modesty among women.

Emma Watson

“I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair,” she told the outlet. “It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

Andrea Imafidon

Here is one mother told her daughter about her magic hole.

“I remember being in my pre-teen and teenage years, my mother would always keep it 100 about the sacredness of my vaginal. She said that my vagina was sacred and I need to protect and care for my vagina because it is very important for my health and womanhood.”

Corinne Olympios

“I’m lasered. It’s like, small and cute. There’s no weird things going on down there. I’ve seen some scary vaginas in my day…If you have a sterling silver vagine, that’s the worst.”

Say what you wanna say about women. I am always amazed that amount of money women are willing to waste.


Revisiting Bill O’Reilly

When we MGTOW try to explain that we are not a conservative movement, or liberal for that matter. We are hated by all sides even by those who are seriously concern about men’s right, and financial slavery due to divorce.

Just take a look at traditionalist fallen star. Bill O’Reilly was calling girls at home, and masturbating every time girl pick up the phone! When he  got really excited he would even leave voicemail messages  expressing his desire to sneak into their shower and stuff their vagina with a falafel.

Do you really think Bill O’Reilly want a “Christian” and “Moral” society. His inability to distinguish between a loofah and a falafel, or which one he should be using on a naked woman, had already became public knowledge in a lawsuit. But he is just one drop in a storm.

Still, I can never get my head around the amazing hypocrisy surrounding “tradcon” why would they defend a man who is destroying their party.

Whatever the reason might be, let’s keep our movement simple and clean.

MGTOW are not about “restoring marriages”, or bringing back pre 1950 style nuclear family. We are about freedom.

MGTOW Film Review: The Misandrist


mv5byji2zwvjngytmwyyns00ntgzlwfingqtymfjzde1njcyotvkxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynzm3mte3mdm-_v1_sy1000_cr007061000_al_First off I am not writing this review so you guys go out and waste money over this film. There is this false assumption that all the gay film makers and producers are “liberals”. If you guys did not know Bill O’Reilly political views, what would you have assume when you heard that he was asking girls to shove Falafel up their ass? Doesn’t that sound like Bill Clinton shoving cigar into Monica Lewinsky vagina? In case you forgot:

“The story is that Monica Lewinsky masturbated with a cigar while President Clinton watched and masturbated as well. Yassir Arafat was supposedly kept waiting in the Rose Garden while this was going on in a room next to the Oval Office.”

I am simply pointing out a new trend that is emerging among conservatives movement. Under Trump administration, there is a new alliance merging between conservatives and gay men.  Fruit of their alliance is now trickling into media, and we can see the result of this merger in a new film called The Misandrist (2017).

misandristIt’s very rear one would hear the word “misandrist” Once again main stream media misuses the word.  It has similar meaning as misogyny.

Note: Our society is stoop to the level that establishment will not even write a grammatical sentences to informs us an actual meaning of the word. Oooh, let’s not put any ideas into men’s head…

The best the they could come up with was a drivel: “counterpart to a misogynist is a misandrist”. We have full sentence for misogyny, and reminding us (men) the victim status of a woman. Did you read a bit about “thinly disguised misogyny”. I can imagine a pompous and sanctimonious liberal cowering under a table after being expose to an anti-feminist noun. Oh the horror.

Just like the dictionary Movie maker are misusing this word.This film exposes so much hypocrisy surrounding us. After watching this film an average Joe who has never hard this word before would assume it means some sort of pro lesbian radical group, or something. But don’t expect Men’s Right jumping in and educating men they are wolves in sheep clothing.

Those of us who pay attention to politics saw this trend. It was even reported by Main Stream Media like New York Times:

““He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever,” said Gregory T. Angelo, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that supports gay rights.”

Even Fox news went out of way to defend gay republicans. Fox News Defends Shepard’s Smith Gay Lifestyle

On Liberal side we see Rachel Maddow a proud lesbian and man hatter, and on conservatives side Shepard Smith, and gee I dunno just about everyone.

Again: This is not about bashing Gay community, or their lifestyle. Gay community is now being used to direct hatred towards men who want equal rights such as: End of Alimony, DNA Test to Stop Paternity Fraud, and Equal Child Custody.

Many of you have seen how Men’s Right has become the enemy of Men. Hell, they even have Women as Chairman (oooh the irony).


Still it is amusing to see that Bruce LeBruce a Canadian Gay Conservatives who made this film. He is like American Version Bill O’Reilly (think Falafel + disable person for sex).

Before the establishment of LCR, Germans & Canadian gays were hired by Republicans for winning American Gay population. Also within USA republican created “ALT-Right Gay Patriot” support group.





Story of the film is about terrorist women willing to do anything to destroy “patriarchy”.  These ladies are lesbians who loves guns (this is the hint that it is a republican/conservatives who are promoting this film), and their group also want a limited government.

Did you notice in screenshot women are pointing a gun on a guy with beard. What group of people do you know who are associated with beard?


I can tell it’s not Will Riker from Star Trek TNG. You gotta pay attention to little things in media, loud background music, stereotyping people into certain group to pass their agenda.

Like most gun hoarders these feminists live in a jungle. This is another misconception people have about gay & lesbian that they don’t have guns. In fact they have more guns than straight people.

Take Rachel Maddow for example. she took her 15-year partner on a first date to a gun range. Can you imagine what would have happen if a straight man took his date on a gun range.

Film pretty much follow similar theme like rest of Hollywood products. Sexism against men is glorified. Blaming men for criminal behavior of women, and trying to recruits men (think men’s  rights) so women can be financially secured.


This is why they added a man into the film. One lesbian couple found an injured man, and brought him to their cabin hidden from rest of the men hating gun loving bull dykes. Each couple has their twisted secrets, and then there is a big climax.

But wait… what happen to that guy?


He transformed into a Mangina like Senator Orrin Hatch.

This is why we should not be surprise when tradcons in congress like Orrin Hatch are being spoon feed by women in front of the hearing. I bet Senator Orrin Hatch was masturbating in his office, and watching the same film and said: “Oooh disable woman for sex, now that’s what Bill O’Reilly should have done”.

Some Tradcon will point out that this film proves why feminism is bad. You know nasty women working to get what they want, including using porn to promote their agenda. Movies like these are about psychological control. Don’t think about Paternity Fraud, Don’ task about Mandatory DNA after birth, and abolishment life-time alimony, and other things that financially enslave men.

By the way CNN cut out spoon feeding scene part from the hearing.  But of course we don’t live in a censorship society. Can you really expect these leaders to help us fight alimony, paternity fraud, or even ease the pain of fathers who are denied access to their kids?


Never Trust White Liberals

609apartheid_sign2Rachel Maddow interview with Howard Stern reveals a nasty side of white liberals. When she was trying to rise up and build a career. She would used “minority cause” like working for ACLU to build up her profile.


Now that she has establish herself MSNBC as liberal/democratic speaker. She never allows minorities to be on her TV show. Colored people on her TV shows are as rear as Latino promoting Trump Wall.

Note: I prefer the term “color” over “non-white” because color means all the brothers from African, Asian, Latinos, Native American etc. Where as “non-white” mean there are two type of race “European & Non-European”.

It’s like desegregation busing in the United States (also known as forced busing). It was simply for Southerner, and while white liberals in north had their kids in suburb of New York City where no black man would dare to enter let alone dream of sending their children to better liberal school. Still true to this day.

In case you think I reading too much from her interview. Let me add few examples:

Joe Biden the 47th Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017 Turned Liberals Against Integration.

“Ed Brooke, a Massachusetts Republican, was the first black senator ever to be popularly elected; Joe Biden was a freshman Democratic senator from Delaware. By 1975, both had compiled liberal voting records. But that year, Biden sided with conservatives and sponsored a major anti-busing amendment.”

Above article is not from pro conservatives, these guys worship liberal leaders (or rather only white liberals).

Here from NYC “the most liberal city of the US of A”

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

“New York City has an integration problem. This is nothing new, of course; the supposedly most diverse city in the world has long had some of the most segregated schools in the country, and that’s saying something.”

Here is an update June 6, 2017 about the racism in Liberal Art &  Educational System.

NY Times: Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore

For months, New York City had promised to deliver what Mayor Bill de Blasio called a “bigger vision” for integrating the city’s racially divided public schools. Activists pressed their ideas. Students rallied on the steps of City Hall to demand a voice.

But when the plan landed on Tuesday, it was with a whimper. The mayor did not appear in public to talk about it. Neither did the schools chancellor. Instead, the city’s Education Department emailed out a news release, which did not even use the word “segregation.”

Translation: Stick to rap music black man, and vote for us every four year, because we are not arresting you for being black.

Abusing minorities is inner core part of white liberal elites. When Maddow was trying to figure out about her sexuality, she dated “colored women” just to test out as if black women are dollar store products to be used and abused. When she finally dated got into a serious relationship, she decided to dump her as well for current partner who helped built her career and shoulder her entire expense.

In her interview she admitted that she was holding on to her last partner until something better comes along. Can you imagine if any man say something like this about a woman? “I am only with this fatso until I get younger hotter chick, and it’s better than masturbation”.


Her “speaking panel” is as white as white supremacist surrounding Trump administration. Obama administration hired lot of people who were Blacks, Latinos, Native American, Asian and South Asian. Yet she does not invite these experts. Don’t you think these experience veterns can give better information how minority feels. Not to mention compare and contrast between Trump & Obama?

When Rachel was bashing Trump administration for Muslim ban, did she invite Muslims American expressing their feeling and pain and what their community going through?


When was the last time she invited any of them to speak about politics, and current ongoing issues? Why talk about Muslim Ban, but never allow Muslim Americans to express their feeling and pain?

I tell you why White liberals don’t like to invite Muslim men & women.

This is the keep to a false image that Muslims are chaining their women to a radiator, and other false stereotype. Just like using color US citizen for election, they are using “victim abroad” to gain more deal from the white conservatives.

Her attitude is: you better be white, or you are not right. In case you think I am wrong. Let me backup my claim what liberals say about themselves (albeit in Orwellian way).

Does Education Help Breed Segregation?

“In the study, researchers found, on average, that the greater the education of white parents, the more likely they will remove their children from public schools as the percentage of black students increases.

Translation: “Now that we have used colored people to get everything we wanted from white conservatives. We wanna have place of our own where beast of the field (non-white) ain’t welcome.”

Compare her panel to the one with AM Joy.


Racism is a horrible thing to deal with. However, if we only blame republicans, and ignore the elephant in the room than we have only ourselves to be blame. As the saying goes follow the money. We ought to look at the facts not just words.

I know many people used to hate me quoting bible (being Christian and all), but here something for you guys. Don’t they sound like what Jesus warn us in John 8:44. You’re of your father the devil — another words apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

PS: I am not suggesting that every white person is out there to get us. However, picking sides without due vigilance is dangerous. We might as well be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Finally, both parties are corrupts, and we need a 3rd alternative.


Rachel Maddow on Howard Stern

The Upper West Side Is the Latest Battleground for School Integration in New York

Surprise, Surprise! Highly Educated White Liberals Are Hypocrites 

Long-Awaited Plan for Integrating Schools Proves Mostly Small-Bore


Feminist vs Loose Vagina

As someone who works in hospital and happens to know few things about women’s private part both from medical point of view, as well as through personal experience. I like to correct few of the lies feminist spread about their private part.

It’s sad that they are actually hurting their own gender.

Loose Canal/Vagina.

Many young girls worry about loose vagina after switching partner. It is specially true among Asian women like Filipinos, and Chinese. In fact most of these girls have white boyfriends. Dating men with larger penis for citizenship, and than switching back, or even remarrying their husbands from back home means unable to enjoy sexual pleasure.

I came across an article in Elite magazine title “The Science Of Your Vagina: Why Women Don’t Get ‘Looser’ After Sex“.

I thought I should deconstruct feminist lies from the same article.

Article has these four points, and let’s reconstruct them. Like many other articles I’ll provide reference to backup my claims unlike Main Stream Fake Media.

1. A virgin’s vagina is extremely tight.

“Extremely Tight” is a serious medical condition called Vaginismus

Vaginismus is the term used to describe recurrent or persistent involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina whenever penetration is attempted

Also older virgin women will not be able to have sex, or may go in state of shock.

Women in menopause will have to use cream to have sex.

Dry vagina menopause

The most common symptoms of vaginal dryness are itching and painful sexual intercourse. Without its natural mucus, the vagina becomes very dry and fragile and cannot handle rough penetration. Forceful penetration may rip or tear the vaginal walls. You may have been wondering why you are experiencing vaginal bleeding after menopause.

2. If you lose your virginity, your vagina is going to be permanently loosened.

It better. Otherwise it could have a serious medical problem like Vaginismus.

3. Having a lot of sex will make it super loose.

Perhaps you would like to explain why there an increase rate of vagina tightening surgery. Increase in ‘vaginal tightening’ surgeries worries doctors

What will happen to a man who does weight lifting in the gym everyday?

Vagina is same. Sex with many partners means loose vagina.

Again: think of vagina like any other organ of your body. If you eat too much what will happen to your body? Won’t you get fat?

Same rules applies to any other organ of human body. Vagina is no exception to the rule. Too many boyfriends, or overuse of dildo means loose vagina. It’s not for nothing you see so many women going for “Vaginoplasty

tightBut don’t take my words for it. Ai Ai opens up about vaginal tightening. Loose vagina is a major problem among Asian women who have sex with Caucasian men. Ai-ai delas recently told girls in her native Philippines to undergo vaginal tightening (unspoken words are when your white boyfriend dump you recharge your vagina!). Like our beloved Trump she double down on her claims, again and again: Ai-ai delas Alas is new endorser of vagina tightening treatment. At least she is an honest ho.

Will I sound too misogynistic if I point out why would she need to tighten her hole, and telling other girls to do that? If it wasn’t for patient client privilege. I could have told you amusing stories about white girls vag after string of black men dump them, and they couldn’t enjoy men of the west.

4. Having a baby makes having sex with your vagina the equivalent of throwing a pastor into a cathedral.

too-loose-after-childbirthOther then feminist who would say such an insane thing?

But the answer is: yes it does. If a women between the age of 18 – 26 has kids. She has better chance of recovering her vagina memory, but older the women weaker the memory.

What do other women say among themselves?

Wifey Wednesday: When You’re Too Loose

“After childbirth, some of us have a rather embarrassing problem: Your vagina is too loose to make sex exciting.” 

Think of it this way. Who will heal better 15 years, or 50 years old? Same rules applies.

But hey I could be just be a hack over the internet pretending to be a doctor. Let’s see what my fellow doctors say, and more importantly hear from female patients.

MONTEGO BAY, St James — After giving birth to three children, the 33-year-old Montegonian just couldn’t get the pleasure she once experienced during sex.
The woman, who has been married for almost three years, said the tightness in her vagina no longer existed. 

Fearing that the lacklustre sex could impact negatively on her marriage, she became worried, and suffered in silence for months.” 

I will copy past an entire article from the Magazine on my desk — it’s from The Jamaica Observer (online version only carry few paragraphs, and I hand typing it here for you.

“Many women are afraid to have a child through the normal birthing process, fearing their vaginas might not contract to its original size afterwards. And their fears are not unfounded.” 

“After a while (following childbirth), the vagina will contract significantly, but not necessarily to what it was before,” says Professor Horace Fletcher, gynaecologist and obstetrician at the University Hospital of the West Indies. “However, it will go back down so much that the change may not be noticeable.” 

It is for this reason that several women are choosing to do Caesarian sections. According to Fletcher, in countries like Brazil, the Caesarian rate is very high with some 70 per cent or so of women opting to do the procedure in order to avoid the stretching of their vaginas. 

“Other research have found that after vaginal birth, there can be a stretching of the pelvic floor, affecting urination and the passing of stool,” notes Fletcher. “However, most people agree that those reasons are not enough to have a Caesarian section and that this should only be done when absolutely necessary.” 

Dr Charles Rockhead, gynaecologist at the Ripon Surgi-Centre and the Amadeo Medical Group on Young Street in Spanish Town, explains that during a vaginal birth, the cervix opens up and the bony structure (the baby’s head) comes down which can cause damage to the pelvic structure or muscles, whether directly or indirectly. This damage can then cause the vagina to lose its elasticity, thus becoming loose. 

He was, however, quick to add that damage done is not dependent on the number of children a woman has, but on the type of labour she endures. 

“The longer the labour, the more likely it is to cause damage,” says Rockhead.

Fletcher agreed, adding that if the woman has a very traumatic delivery, such as a very large baby, or received a number of tears during delivery, then the vagina could remain stretched. 

But, he says: “Most women’s vaginas will come back to normal.” 

Four weeks after vaginal birth, the vagina should start moving back into shape, adds Fletcher. 

However, in cases where the vagina does not contract significantly, he strongly recommends Kegel exercise, which he says is very effective. This consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor in a similar manner to that of holding up the urine. He suggests that women do this as often as they remember, wherever they are.” 

Sex like anything else should be done in moderation. Just as you wouldn’t eat with a stranger, same should be applies for sex. I am not just be prudent here. This is the best way of avoiding sexual diseases, and other serious issues.

Another female expert (snake oil seller) telling us about seven reasons for vaginoplasty.

Now, just by reading the title of the news article below you will notice the big difference between two men & women. As usual, men are fine just the way the way they are, but women feel the need to alter themselves in order to be good enough.

For my MGTOW brothers, I suggest you only date young girls who are single, or never married. Those of you who are curious what it feels like to be in loose hole. Try making out with your bedroom window you may get wet during stormy night, but it ain’t gonna give you a pleasing night.


The Science Of Your Vagina: Why Women Don’t Get ‘Looser’ After Sex

7 Reasons Why Women get Vaginal Rejuvenation besides Aesthetics

How much women in Nairobi are spending to satisfy their sexual needs

Labiaplasty surgery on the rise in Australia but a backlash looms

Shock surgery statistics show rise in young women getting ‘designer vaginas’

The number of teenage girls getting surgery for ‘designer vaginas’ DOUBLES in a year as doctors blame porn and poor sex education

MoBay doc returns tightness to vaginas

Wifey Wednesday: When You’re Too Loose



In Defence of Gold Diggger

Being burnt in divorce court. I naturally have no love for women who try to steal money from their ex. When I was divorcing my ex-wife I told her to take everything, the car, house, including the money in the bank. We have one daughter together I only wanted access to my kid. That’s all.

She still wanted to make it as hard as possible. At the same time she decided to move on with her life with another man, and she was always walking with him in front of my new residence which was 120 miles away her.

I could have called the police, but for sake of my kid I forego and suffer in silence. Every time she would pass by my new condo with her boytoy, and my little girl. I was happy to see my daughter face. They say we men don’t have motherly feeling, I say you don’t have heart to judge a father.

After my divorce I joined MGTOW. A group of men who reject marriage because court unfairly favor women. So why would I defend a gold digger? When a 70 year old man married a 20 years old girl. That is not a relationship base on deceit, but of a mutual understanding. Young women willing to be his trophy wife, and in an exclusive relationship provided that old fart let her be part of her will.

Story I am talking about happened in UK.

Court brands widow liar over £600,000 will ‘found in an empty Doritos packet

marsha.pngThe title of the story pretty much tells you all you need to know about the episode. A 20 years old woman married a man who was in his 70s. After this death, his life saving was split between three people. His daughter, a friend, and a wife. His daughter from his first marriage, Ms Davies, will receive around £430,000, with £140,000 going to an old friend and £25,000 to Ms Henderson.

paulette.pngHis marriage to her was for pure sexual services, and he should have paid her for the services he was receiving. Yes she is at fault too. However, my issue here is ethical, and inherent hypocrisy of traditional conservatives.

If you gonna do nasty with someone, at least do it by not tarnishing your family name. His behavior has been reflecting on his daughter who has gained alot of weight and was resentful that daddy was pumping, and dumping younger hotter chick and she will be treated the same way. Hence her 500 pound weight gain.

This is typical behavior of traditionalist. They want us men to get married, and be abused by the system of their own design. Yet at the these same traditionalist are busy abusing the law & order and blaming rest of us of their corruption. Men Rights group was created to “correct” the system. However, at one point we men realized that system is so corrosive to men’s right and freedom that we need to boycott marriage as whole. Solution is simple don’t get married at all, and no legally binding live in relationship .

This is why we MGTOWs are not against gold diggers, nor we hate feminist. If a woman get involve with a traditionalist man than he should be force to pay full. Hopefully this girl can find a feminist lawyer, and get large portion of the estate. As the marriage vows goes “Until Death Do Us Part”. Now part yourself from your wealth, and enjoy hottest weather of the underworld.



Court brands widow liar over £600,000 will ‘found in an empty Doritos packet’