Traditionalists Are Evil

Dave Ramsey is a traditionalist. He hates man, and blames men for anything women do. Every one of his advice is to save money, and hand it over to your woman.

In this video he talks about confronting Opera who scolded a “house wife” for spending 70k in credit debt. He says, it’s the husband fault for not “communicating” with his wife.

His entire commentary is surreal. It’s like men telling women that they are running low on misandry. This is a true definition of Mangina. This is why traditionalist (both conservatives & liberal) will not stop alimony, and paternity fraud. Yet they will shame men for staying clear from marriage trap.

Really, the only way to a man can stop a woman from wasting money is to act like Arabs. Chain her to a radiator, and beat her with a red hot iron rod. Say what you wanna say about Arabs, at least they are not hypocrites like conservatives.

Beside why does a husband have to even explain his adult wife that don’t spend money that we don’t have.

Also if she really wanted to spend 70,000 than she should have gotten herself a job.

In a strange way Dave like all the other traditionalist believes that women are not smart enough to make independent decision. They need to be on leash like a dog.

According to him women don’t have brains, and their husbands need to keep an eye of their nincompoop wives.

Yet at the same time degenerates like him would condemn men for not sharing his hard earn dole with his selfish and arrogant wife.

Traditionalist like Dave are telling us in an Orwellain way marriage is a legalize prostitution. Like Harvey Winstein he gets off on his wife because he thanks he own her ass because she is “his” wife as in his property.

Way back when I watched one of his video. Where he was putting a man down because his wife was not working, and spending money. Later he even shamed him for “keep in touch with his family”. Yet he demanded that husband buyes his wife three thousand dollar air ticket so she can keep in touch her family 4000 miles far.

His frugal advice can be sum up to this. Save your hard earn money, and handed over to a women. Why couldn’t his wife used her $900 iphone to face-time with her family (which buy the way hubby bought, even paying for its monthly bill!)..

Can’t wait to see him get divorce, and hooked with lifetime alimony.

I am not a financial guru myself, but I tell you how I have manage to save money. Don’t be in a relationship that sucks your money.

Happy New Year MG Bros

Happy new year guys everyone. Stay single, and you’ll be safe. Our community is gaining more popularity, and more importantly unlike Men Right we are not bending over and searching for “right” woman. We know that game is rid, and we are not walking into trap.

We don’t need “new year resolution”. Cause we have resolved our problem by kicked parasite out of our life, and stop the financial leakage of our wallet.

We are happy being simple, and that’s all there is to it.

Josef Fritzl & Roy Moore


Documentary about Joseph Fritzl focus on numerous things in West. However, one thing that has always been gloss over is — he was raised by single mother. Also Fritzl behavior is very much like traditional conservative like Roy Moore. Both have a thing for young girls. Although, Fritzl jailed his daughter for 28 years. Roy Moore was kept an eye on his future wife when she as young as 15 years old. “Roy Moore admits his wife, who is 14 years his junior, first caught his eye ‘when she was just FIFTEEN and performing in a junior college dance recital’

What interest us as MGTOW into their life is an obvious fact media would deliberately ignore. Joseph Fritzl & Roy Moore were raised by single mothers. Frizl mother was insane woman. Similar pathway follow for Roy Moore when his father died in 1967. Rape happy conservative saw how older men were spending money on his mommy. Hence Mr. Pervert learn to to behave like what he saw around his lunatic mother.

Those of you who may not remember. Joseph Fritzl was the nutter who jailed his daughter for 28 years in the basement, and seven made children with her (doesn’t that sound very conservatives like Roy Moore)?” Not surprising this town used to be popular among middle-class german women bullying their husband to move-in and driving for hours to works. Women are attractive to bad boys like bees to honey.

Everything he learned to do with his family was thought to him by his insane mother single. Austrian court decision to hand over kids to mother, least next generation turn into Nazi. Even when his imprison his daughter and repeated rapped her, this is exactly how Joseph mom behave toward him (including demanding force sex from her son), and her getting stuck in concentration camp during WWII can’t be justified. Why would you tortured your own kids the way Nazi were treating you?

But I suggest that you watch this bias documentary, and see why vast majority of people consider media fake, and bias towards reality, and facts.


Wiki: Joseph Fritzl Case

Roy Moore says he first noticed his wife when she was 15 or 16 years old




Women at Work

Recent article in fake New York Times “How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways ” talk about budget cuts and its affects on the public transit system. Like anything else in media it deliberately ignores two glaring facts.

1: Money from MTA was allocated to security of the females as well as hiring more women as security guards. Feminist were screaming, and shooting that there were too many creep in subway touching them, or flashing their penis etc. 

Most of them were homeless men wearing rag clothes trying to stay warm during snowy day. Yet these heartless women didn’t like to see them on their way to club, and drugs.

Their propoganda led to massive hiring of security personals, equally declining of trade workers who did the main work in tunnle system. The result is city infrastructure is crumbling yet city insist on keeping up with their insane policy. While city workers have salary cuts female managers are making over $300,000, plus massive bonus when they are fired or even quit on their own!

Some politician even insist that by hiring more women they are showing terrorist who is the boss. The irony is they are doing the very thing terrorist want, broken tracks, trains need massive overhaul, upgrade other essential system. Yet city continue to waste money on problem where none exists. 
Go to any NYC subway station and you are not going to find any female replacing lights or fixing signals, or even cleaning washroom. With current rape storm you can forget about asking any female janitor to service mens washroom.

2. After 9/11 city demanded that MTA hires more women or their budget would be cut MTA oblige yet also had their budget was cut. New York City is a world financial capital yet its infrastructure is behind 3rd world countries like India!

Most of new employees were women geared towards office jobs 9 to 5.  MTA is a 24 hours service yet all of the new workers were tuck somewhere in office protected from nasty men. Their main job was  shoveling papers, and other dubious things. Tradesmen needed to be working were laid off despite the fact MTA raidership double.

Don’t expect our pussy grabbing president to help hapless New Yorkers. He is a mangina and so are the citizens of NYC.

When Men Are Victims

Flood of sexual accusation have also brought predatory behavior of male & female actors/directors towards male victims.

Kevin Spacy’s has been chasing boys, and young men forcing his victims for sexual favors.

An excellent article sadly written by a feminist reveals sad state of males in western world. Title of the article “Kevin Spacey’s alleged abuse shows why men rarely report sexual assault” pretty much reveals how male actors, and even boys are told to “man up” and don’t cry when perverts are molesting them.

Hatred towards males victim has reach its zenith. Now fake media & unhappy pro feminist journalists are using deceptive titles for their article so it sounds as if Kevin Spacy and others like were targeting women.

For example : Look at the title of following article.

What are the Kevin Spacey allegations and who has accused him so far?

The Sun · 1 day ago

Westminster sexual misconduct allegations: the MPs accused so far

The Guardian · 22 hours ago

This is was done on purpose. Fake media wanted to make sure that an average joewould assume that listed pervert were only abusing women. Just think about it  most readers would not bother clicking on an article or even read the content from of this disgusting story.

Never mind that all these stories have shown that there are more male victims in Hollywood pits than women.

As usual fake media is always bias and report news in worst way possible.

Conspiracy, or Coincidence?

Rape and molestation are serious accusation. However, media has never given accused individual any opportuanity to defend themselves. This is why death of Jimmy Savile is a great interest to MGTOW community. He was accused of raping boys. Most of these kids belong to singer mothers.

I have a feeling that most gold digger were upset that he would not share his loot with anyone so they decided to drum up “victim card”.  Ask yourself why did these single mother waited until Jimmy was dead. Same question about Harvey,  Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly.

Jimmy was born in UK, and remained an anomaly among Men. Some suspected him of being Gay, caused he was not married, nor did he have any serious relationship with a woman. He like other old men are being accused of raping, molesting boys, and even women.  Funny, how all of these ladies are single, or lost all of their loot since their hey day in media.

Let’ just look at the pattern:

  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Bill Cosby
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Edward Heath

They are either dead, or too old to defend themselves. I  don’t like anyone them. They are traditionalist. It is ironic that both left leaning, and right leaning mangina went out of there way to worship women. These men promote feminist agenda. These men became have become too old, and feeble to be useful that is why they are being pull down as well!

Gold diggers are like vamires, they need to suck money out of someone. If you are a rich men they will go after you like moth to a flame. Personally, I consider this poetic justice. However, let’s look at the pattern. Let’s go all way back to ancient civilization. I was brought up as Christian — like most in West my faith has very little influence on me.

Current Saga reminds of story from the bible. KJV Genesis 9:20-27.

According to bible this is what hapen between Noah & Ham.

It is very easy to debunk this story. Can you imagine son coming out of his father’s tent and telling his brothers. Guess what guys! I just fucked our father, dman he got tight ass. You guys gotta try it!

And, he lived to see the other day. I apologize for bringing this backward story. I want you guys to understand the mindset of traditionalist.

There is also an underline story in the Genesis. Ham was able to have kids on his own proofs that women like bad boys. Another interesting story is Esther. She decided to go Monica Lewinsky on Persian king, as a result foolish king help Jewish immigrants, and resulted in his own dimise.

If you compare and contrast both story. You will notice that on one hand we have Ham, who just “saw” his father naked. On the other hand we have Esther who wanted a king for herself. King used enjoy making love with eunuchs (male servents without penis).

Noah cursed his won son without any proof. Yet we have a proof that Persian king is perv. However, he “repent” and fall into the charm of a Jewish woman therefore all is forgiven. The message was later used to justify Mary mother of Jesus. Don’t question that she is “virgin” and “pregnant”. Leap faith, and suspend facts & logic.

Why give us a brain and than ask us not to use it….

Ester story:

“But that night the king, being sleepless, ordered the chronicles of the nation to be read to him. Recalling that Mordecai had never been rewarded for his service in revealing the plot of the eunuchs, he asked Haman, the next day, to suggest a suitable reward for one “whom the king desired to honour”. ”

If you need read between the lines. Bible does not have any words to describe sexual organ, or sexual feeling.

  • “sleepless” = horny
  • “chronicles of the nation” = prostitue
  • “plot of the eunuchs” = dickless servents keeping king away from whores
  • “whom the king desired to honour” = jewish prostitue tricked him into getting pregnant.

This is what conservatives read, and these traditionalist say they believe in “holy books”. Well, what do you think is influencing them? Feminist, use same story, expect in their case it’s fake media.

Isn’t it amazing things have not change for men in 5,000 years?

20And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:

21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. 22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. 23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness.

24 ¶ And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
Authorized King James Version


The last part 27: G-d bless black man  big dick, but lord knew that white woman would never sleep with blacks!

But Why?

Because, he was single, he was not interested in women. When marriage mafia of middle east forced him to have kids. They were branded as evil for the “allege” crime of their father did. Again “curse” was directed towards male descendants.

Remember for all we know that Noah own wife fingered his ass when he was drunk… When he woke up, and he did not know why he was naked.

By the way why would father allowed his son to live – let alone start his own family.

According to Leviticus 18:22

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

According to Leviticus 18:25

“Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.”

According to Talmudic

Here the entire verse from Bible: KJV

Genesis 9:20-27.

The Talmud deduces two possible explanations, one attributed to Rab and one to Rabbi Samuel, for what Ham did to Noah to warrant the curse.[5] According to Rab,

Ham castrated Noah on the basis that, since Noah cursed Ham by his fourth son Canaan, Ham must have injured Noah with respect to a fourth son. Emasculating him thus deprived Noah of the possibility of a fourth son.

According to Samuel, Ham sodomized Noah, a judgment that he based on analogy with another biblical incident in which the phrase “and he saw” is used: With regard to Ham and Noah, Genesis 9 reads, “[22]

Although the story can be taken literally, in more recent times, some scholars have suggested that Ham may have had intercourse with his father’s wife.[7] Under this interpretation, Canaan is cursed as the “product of Ham’s illicit union.”



BBC Journalist Julie Wadsworth

Birts are now for their child molester, and their female pervert are not expection to this rule.

Juicy headline pretty tells you all you need to know:

Targeting boys for sex in woods wearing a cream ‘flasher’s mack’, stockings and suspenders… lifting her skirt to ask ‘do you want to play with this?’ Sordid double lives of Pebble Mill’s ‘Richard & Judy’

My only complain is; molesting was done by wife so her name should be fore cuckold husband.

While BBC was sending this Child molester to gather news — she was not reporting the one she was creating it! Amazingly enough other media were helping the censorship by cool down the disussion. article you’ll notice that comments & discussion section is disable. Public is not allowed to talk about this.

Sir Edward Heath


There is the other case of Sir Edward Heath another UK man who single, never been married. Look at the following paragraph from Times.

edward heath

Did you read that? The guy is “not married”, he doesn’t have “kids”. That automaticlly makes a suspects. I guess most of you would not be surprise that current UK government does not allow single men to be hired in police, or intellgence. Only married men. Most Brits (that is white) voted for their goverment to stop non-white government. Little did they know they have elected a worst.

Finally they start called him child molester. Sir Edward Heath: Inquiry into child sex abuse allegations against former PM has battled controversy since inception.

Worst yet Men Right went out of their way to supress the news. They were saying things like “what about non-white raping white children!”. Most child molester rape within their own community.


I am planning to write an entire article about above incident. This is a perfect reminder to White MGTOW brother, you are on the wrong side of the history. Supporter conservatives has never help our cause.

Now they are using “race card” to stop an investigation against their pervert members. Don’t let this happen again.

Bill Cosby

Funny how for decade ago no one has ever accuse him for rape. Yet when he is old, and can not evenwalk. Flood of victims start popping out. All single women. These ladies use to hangout in Hollywood, and actor would pump them and dump them.

They were not maried material. Check the profile of every single so called “rape victim”. They were all prostitutes, or so called high class escorts. None of them are married.

Harvey Weinstein

Another old man who is on his way to senior housing. He also pushed into perv mobile

ill O’Reilly, and 90s infamous O.J. Simpsons.

In O.J. Simpsons’ case I suspect that liberal media just couldn’t handle the fact that he push woman at back of the bus. Just as poor asian kids was accusses of

Carter Reynolds

Poor kids was making a S&M video. He was forcing her to give him BJ, later his girlfriend demanded he lick her vag or she’ll kill him. Media showed the clipping and ruined kids career.

Some Media Journalist wanted to have arrest for rap becaues she was 15, and he was 17. I need no tell anyone that’s not a rape case. Since they are in same age limit.

Virtually every case where politcian, or journalist is invovle mainstream newspaper “disable” comment, and discussion group on their sites.

Who knows

This is from forum

The picture I am getting here is anything said by a “single” man is suspected. Once a single man is dead, he can sued, and his wealth will be given to washed up prostitue.



MGTOW Movie Review: What’s Your Number



This is movie brings an interesting point to light that most women do not like to talk about.

Self Objectification. Main Character realizes that she has slept with 19 guys. She feels sorry for herself because of the guys she dump were “marriage material”. It was she who was too superficial, and therefore dump them for numerous idiotic reason.

One of her friends reminds her that Men Age “Well” as they are older.

whatnumberIsn’t it funny that when we MGTOW say that we are called misogynists. But of course it’s true. The reason why women become less and less desirable with age is simple biology. Women can not have kids after certain age, and no successful man would go after them. Just as most women would not date fat guy who has a $10/hr ago. It’s simple economic.

Like it or not the reason most “arrange marriages” survives in India is because they are base on wealth of a man, and history of a woman. Girls parents search for that perfect man she can live with, and boys parents look for a girl whose family has a respectable background — another words no single mothers, and even widows (which is code word made it with a boyfriend).

Let’s not forget it’s women who tart themselves up to find a new guy. It wasn’t men who order them to buy shoes, clothes, and handbags. Also all these “breast enhancement” surgeries. When some male politician objects to it. He is told “My body My Choice”. Never mind the long term conquence of their action. Similar issues with birth contorl pills, horrific impact on environment.

Women do this to themselves.

People will treat you the way you present yourself.

Lose My Mumber

Recently I was reminded why I deleted phone number of unwanted people. When I received a text message from an old acquaintance. I told him “Please lose my number and don’t ever contact me again.” With some people you have to nip in the bud otherwise it will turn into a long good-bye that will never end. This is why MGTOW is very beneficial to Men.

Joining MGTOW community I purged  my phone, computer, etc of all the unwanted people from my life. I wanted a clean slate in my life. I didn’t want to carry baggage in my life. Therefore, looking at phone number of unwanted jerks  you’re only holding yourself back.

Let it go. Remember you already have enough on your back, and don’t need more salt on your wounds. We are human beings, we feel things, and that’s why we are distraught when other don’t appreciate us, or don’t take time our off their life to treat us as we have treated them.

Fuck them.

If they ever call you it is only to snoop in your life just tell them to buzz off. You can tell what they are asking as oppose to what they are saying. When they say “How are you?” they means “tell us all the horrible things in your life”.

Recent text message from low life traditionalist only multiply my detest for conservatives. He is one of those scumbag who think that their shit doesn’t stink. He became part of my social circle through my ex-wife. We were one those couples hanging out in weekend.

In case you are wondering why didn’t I just socialize with my friends, or exs? It’s because most of them are divorce, getting divorce, or don’t want to get married. Last group are my homeboys.

Her friends are of course still looking for Mr. Right, or trying get info on their ex who got married or don’t give a frak about her. Isn’t it just amazing after all the advance in “women right” they are still looking for someone to takecare of them on their old age.. Worst yet bullying me to fix them with my friends. Girls like these you don’t even wanna share this planet with them.

When he connected me this weekend I told him to buzz of I though it would be the end of it. When I went to see my family in Canada I learned that this loser contacted my family and complained about my behaviour.

My mom G-D bless her asked him don’t you have a family of your own? Why are you not not with your family on thanksgiving? Life is too short to carry unnecessary burden. There is a reason why our eyes in front of our head not at back. That’s why we should keep going forward and don’t look back.

MGTOW News: Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein scandal is a perfect remeinder for MGTOW community that fame of a dead man’s deeds is what people remember about deceased not how many kids he brought into this world. Nikola Tesla did not have any kids. Yet we remember him because of his work.

It’s a shame that these rich powerful men think they are beyond touch. Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, and our current lunatic President Donald Trump. They worship women, and they think that their wealth, and power will keep them above water.

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t just any guy. In a way he was the king of Hollywood. The picture you are looking at was taken in 2004. In 2004, Weinstein was appointed an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his contributions to the British film industry (the award being “honorary” because he is a citizen of the United States). 

This is not the first time British Queen has appointed professional perverts. Just read Westminster paedophile dossier.  The second picture was taken in white house garden, Bill Clinton personally invited him. Everyone wanted to be his friend.

Here is how fake media portrayed him prior to his scandal:

“Harvey Weinstein does not look like one of the most influential figures in Hollywood. With the trouser legs of his ill-fitting black suit riding up, and the collar of his white shirt a crumpled mess, it’s hard to believe that this man has managed to bestride the global film industry like a Colossus for three decades.”

As you can imagine this guy had it all. He could have anything he wanted in his life. He was popular, he was rich, and the most influential guy in western world, government bowed to him. He could drive to White House in the middle of night, and they would wakeup the President for him. We are talking about a man who picked men behind the scene for political power. Unlike Bill O’Reilly he certainly no fringe man, he is a real Jew’s Jew, right at the core of American power.

Media used to go out of their way to protect his behavior. On February 6, 2000, when he contracted a sexually transmitted diseases. New York Time reported it like this:

“In fact, Mr. Weinstein was in a New York hospital under another name, fighting a bacterial infection that erupted during a trip to St. Barts last month. Miramax inflamed speculation about Mr. Weinstein’s condition by declining to reveal the name of the hospital or the exact nature of his condition, and rumors piled atop rumors until Mr. Weinstein in absentia was almost as dominant at this year’s festival as he had been in the flesh in previous years.”

Like most rich powerful men he was traditional. Traditionalist don’t like changes. So he kept doing what he has been doing. He married his second wife Georgina Chapman. He did not learn from his first marriage. Not even when he had to pay her undisclosed amount of alimony + 23 million dollar NYC apartment! He just kept doing what he has been doing.

He was a left leaning traditionalist. He may not demand women go and cook for him. He like Bill O’Reilly would do the weirdest thing with women — “watch me take shower (which means give me BJ while I wash you with golden shower). In his case women would hope for a second round, and that they will be invited again. He did what most rich and powerful man do “pump them and dump them”.

After getting divorce from his first wife. He start having fun with girls, and they loved it. However, he decided to “settle down” again! And this time girls had him by the ball. His 2nd wife who is 15 years younger kept an eye on him. She knew more about his tech devices than he ever did. So it was not surprising that he was getting blackmail from girls, and even men.

Writings were on the wall. Even an average Joe start attacking him.  “Harvey Weinstein extortionist sentenced to seven years

“A former actor has been given a seven-year jail sentence after being found guilty of a plot to extort large sums of money from a string of high net worth individuals, including film producers Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Kavanaugh.”

Loon who threatened his family wasn’t alone. There were many women who would knock on his door (leave it on fake media to boycott the real news).

But, he was too intoxicated to see it hence the current scandals. Ashes! Ashes! Even great men fall down.

This is why it’s important thing is to leave a legacy behind that will shine through eons.

Married men may live longer, but they live a miserable life.


Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports

Harvey Weinstein Biography


Happy Thanksgiving MGTOW


Happy thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone is having a good time. My thoughts and prayers are with hurricans victims, as well as with fellow brothers going through divorce.

This is the time we share with our fellow brothers who are surviving on their own, and working hard to build & rebuild their lives.

Don’t let anyone put you down. You’re worth it.

Take one step at a time, and don’t let anyone put you down.