New Patriot Act

As if #metoo movement wasn’t bad enough. European decided to jump into the bandwagon. English translate of above video “At 16, I want to know who my father is” is all you need to know about this horrible single mother. Even other programs “Femmes SDF en FranceVivre dans la rue” suggests that immigrants are going after homeless female! As if it’s more likely homeless female are willing to marrying them for money & free residence + kids.

European fake media is using immigrants men to bash all men. Crooked media is suggesting that immigrant/non-white are making babies and running away. Since most white european don’t want undesirables in their backyards let alone popping babies. This is enraging them, and European governments are “complying” by  making more draconian laws against all single men . Manipulated public does not realized how fast they are losing liberty.

As P. T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Using bait and switches with Trump as icing on the cake European version of The USA PATRIOT Act will be signed by European Congress into law. Euro gov prefer immigrant popping babies — it’s good for the labor shortages, plus most immigrant are willing to take any job to feed their growing and ever more hungry families. Why would they object to a willing slave?

MGTOW is becoming more and more relevant than ever before. No live-in relationship, nor marriage.

Avoid them like plague.

MGTOW & Fertility Rate

Impact of our MGTOW was reveal by recent NY Times article. Like all the other fake news author of the aticle find it “courious” as to why “fertility” is alse declining among women. No one care to ask if men may have something to do with this decline. Reading it would have you believe that as long as the dams want a baby, all they have to do is shout from the window, and any man near by (preferablly with looks, and lots of money) would jump in, and turn dry humidifer into a fountain of youth.

Mainstream fake Media will never let us see the real news. Which is why MGTOW impact on society can not be measure by what we see and  hear by fellow-men & women. An average Joe & Jill specially the latter do whatever media tells them to do. They set the daily clock base on what they see on media. Their entire life is dictate by media and entertainment industry. Every breath they take is a proof of our falling society.

Lack of honesty is the very frustrating for most of us. Nonetheless, there are things we can use to figure out whats happening around us. Also if our action are having any impact on our society.  Sometime these things are even revealed on fake media. Take current New York Times article title “Fertility Rate Fell to a Record Low, for a Second Straight Year

One does not need to read the entire article to get the idea that couples are no longer having kids. In fact most men don’t even want to be couple. Women are angry that they single. Yet media would have us believe that this is by their own chocie. These hard working ladies are foucing on their career. Yet, none the them have a degrees in chemistary, bio-engeneering, medicine, or any nominal field that upleft society.

Most of these “career minded” lades are focus on becoming CEO, or rat leader of an office politics.

Take one these “career ladies” as describe by NY Times:

“Shannon Hettinger, a 32-year-old from Washington, D.C., said she definitely wanted children.”

“she works in residential real estate sales — she is not going to stop until she gets established. “

Translation: She is using her young body to trick men into buying crappy property.

Incidently, this “career woman” did not even work in realestate. When you go to her web page “Shannon Hettinger” you will find out that she was in acompletly different fields.  Base on that alone shows that she was in a long term relationship. Now she is not miserable & alone. Also did you notice that it is a “web page”, not her own website! Some career if you ask me.

By now most of you have realized that our society is not worth saving. Which is why most of us have joined MGTOW community. Let’s work on our own improvement, and let this dying horse being drag into a glue factory.

Rudy Giuliani: a Man, Is ‘Disposable

By this time most of you ought to know that our government is pro-feminist. This was wonderfully revealed by our president’s lawyer; Rudy Giuliani. He stated; Kushner is a man, and therefore “disposable”. To him this is “okay”. In fact this is the way it should be!

Man’s rights were promoting Trump as a hero of Man. Even newly joined MGTOW consider Trump a hero, and bashed rest of us who objected to his rise as a leader. Question him, or opposing him was consider heresy. Go figure.

Luckily Giuliani has perfectly demonstrated how evil conservatives are just as poisonous as liberals. Let’s stop the political dichotomy, and free ourselves.

We’re men, and we must go our own way, not Trump way, or Republican way!


Rudy Giuliani Says Jared Kushner, a Man, Is ‘Disposable’


MGTOW Book Review: A Higher Loyalty

If you are right leaning loon you might as well stop reading my blog. James Comey was former director of the FBI. His infamous firing led to current Muller’s investigation of Trump Russia connection.

First off, Mr. Comey insists that his book is not a “memoir”. I would remind him of his favorite bible phrase Proverbs 28:1

“The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

His book is a mixture of a memoir, as well as shout out. He wants to debunk Trump administration propaganda. He also exposes the folly of intelligence leaders, and gives us some fresh perspective and mindset of the top kehillah. Most of us knew the things he talks about. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

In short; Trump is arrogant, wanna be mafia and thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

However, Mr. Comey has sat a bar for himself so high. Like rain inevitably falling from sky, he also lands on the ground. Another words, author doesn’t have a moral foot to stand on. Like his unprecedented move calling media to talk about Clinton email investigation. Yet saying noting about Russia & Trump connection!

His description of Clinton’s family pretty revealing.  For example when Clinton’s gave Marc Rich presidential pardon.

Those who forgot: here from wikipedia.

“In 1983 Rich and partner Pincus Green were indicted on 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo (at a time when Iranian revolutionaries were still holding American citizens hostage).[7][18] The charges would have led to a sentence of more than 300 years in prison had Rich been convicted on all counts.[18] The indictment was filed by then-U.S. Federal Prosecutor (and future mayor of New York City) Rudolph Giuliani. At the time it was the biggest tax evasion case in U.S. history.

This scum bag robbed American people of their retirement money, brought US stocked market to it knees. He was even charged for his crminal activity. Yet Mr. Comey’s FBI team could not find any criminal connection to bring charges against corrupt President Clinton! Even when FBI was investigating Enron, and other top scandal they could not bring any charges against the CEO for scamming people out of their 401k!

I don’t know if Mr. Comey has read a book written by his fellow FBI Gary Aldrich. “Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House“. In 1996 it was #1 New York Times Bestseller. Virtually everyone in the agency knew the nasty level of corruption emanating from white house. Yet the agency did nothing about it. It was busy fabricating evidence again Sadaam to start a new Iraq war!

An amazing revelation comes about Marta Stewart arrest. FBI wanted to make sure that public trust in agency is not faded. FBI was worried that public would think the rich get away with everything (which they do). Although Mr. Comey doesn’t say that, it seems like Marta Stewart arrest was a dog and a pony show. How else do you explain that big companies like GE, Apple, and even Google don’t pay any income tax in US of A. Yet FBI does not closes these illegal lophole created by rich to become even more richer. Yet an average Joe would be jail for similar shenanigans.

I found it remarkable the he did not criticize his former leader John Ashcraft, a nut case religious lunatic who truly believed in Armageddon. Ashcraft pushed for torture,and even look the other way when POW were raped throughout Iraq, Agency was busy destroying evidence like Abu Ghraib scandal, as well military crimes in Afghan war.

He talks about his internal struggle, and how emotionally transparent he was to his wife. Also, how his wife told him not to torture people in Iraq, Afghan. Makes you wonder of his opinion of people rotting in Guantanamo Bay detention camp.  Does really want to believe that little girls & boys were not raped in front of their parents to get information about terrorist. Or that FBI some how did not about it. Even when it comes to domestic plight — like DNC stealing election from Bernie Sanders, he has nothing to say.

Mr. Comey is a traditionalist conservative. Like most tradcon, he is blind of his employee duplicity. When he talks about Peter Strzok & Lisa Page. He remind us of Lisa Page rebellious nature, and outspoken personality. He loved that about her. I don’t know if author realizes or not but description he is giving of Lisa is a revelation that she was trying to impress her lover, and hoping that Peter would divorce his wife, and than both will live happily ever after.

Let’s not forget his reasoning why Hilary Clinton got away using personal e-mail sever is idiotic at best. Yet on a similar ground CIA director was prosecuted with similar incidents.

Incidentally, his revelation about Peter & Lisa affair gives us a clue of Trump current affair in White house as reported by Michael Wolff. It seems to me that Trump was having an affair with Nikki Haley. Possibly, Ivanka wanted to reduce her step-mother influence over her father.

Melania a Slovenian born immigrant came from an area with heavy Russian influence. Affair was meant to reduce Eastern European connection over Trump. However. Steve Bannon camp was able to move Nikki to UN far away from Trump’s crotch.

Anyone who kept an eye on news around 2000 would know the corruption level was pretty high from Clinton to Bush Jr. Mr Comey was part of an unpopular government. He did not protest when right of individuals were removed for opposing government war in middle-east. This encourages media to censor anything they deem unfit. This is why Chris Hedges was fired by NY Times. Hence, the today popular term “fake media”.

I do not agree with premiss of his book. He may have thought that he was enforcing Law & Order. Sadly, he was more like Inspector Javert chasing Jean Valjean for loaf of bread. Just like Les Miserable ending Mr. Comey’s career ended in disgrace. Either way James Comey is an interesting character. It is worth reading his book provided you’re borrowing it from library.

Whitewashing Bad Boy Chaser


Anderson Cooper’s 60’s minutes interview is worth watching, not just for shits and giggles. Trump is a horrible person and that is why she went after him. He was rich, and he was a-hole — it’s like crème de la crème full filling physical, and emotional empty hole at the same time. It also show us worst side of women’s sexual preference.

Not to be left behind New York Times published “Trust Betrayed: Wives of White-Collar Criminals Tell Their Stories” to promote more gynecocracy. Title alone reveals what these women’s were up to. They married horrible men who were committing crimes. These ladies loved the money, power, and all the attention they got. Now that their criminal bad boys are in jail, they are crying in front of the media for #metoo version 2.0 movement.

This should not be surprise to anyone. States likes California enforces Life-time alimony, chasing unemployed father for child support, cancel their drive licence so they can’t even find a new job — if that’s not bad enough — recent law also cancel their trade certification! This rule also applies even if ex-wife had a baby with another man, husband must pay child-support for 18 years.

All of this is a proof why we should just boycott marriages, and avoid any live-in relationship as well!


Manimony vs Feminism

Latest man shamming word “manimony” is used by feminists, and liberals bigot to stop men applying for alimony during divorce! Oh that horror. Women can be anything doctor, engineer, fighter pilot, expect when it comes to handing over alimony like a man! Oh, what ever happen to chivalry.  Unknown be to known many. Largest proponent of black slavery were not white man, but white women. They wanted someone to do house work!

Recent hollywood divorce reported this week was Julie Bowen. She is in bit of conundrum. Her husband is asking for alimony. Headline like “Julie Bowen’s Estranged Husband Asking for Spousal Support & Joint Custody of Their 3 Sons” were all over the place.

People Magazine a leading gynocratic media is bashing man for alimony. This is the same magazine that was censoring Ralph Nader because he was not towing the party line, also he did not marry! Mr. Nader fighting for union & safety. This made him a star among men. He finding Unsafe at Any Speed made congress passed law for safety belt in car which forced every single automaker to install belt in the car for free. Media corporation pushed him out of mainstream.

Ralph Nader, Nikola Tesla are not the most respect men among main stream media. Both never married any women, nor care for “female” companion. They are not recgninze for their hard work, and influence on humanity. Why? Because, they did not support traditionalist agenda or worshiping women.

Do what advantages to you. So called “care” for humanity doesn’t really pay off at the end. Look at all these enviromentalist they talk about saving earth, and glboal temperature, yet they are they are the largest buyers of Made in China junk. Never will they ever talk about “serviceable” technology.

Lesson to learn here is simple Avoid marriage, and you don’t have to deal with breakup in the first place.


FaceBook is a Fake Media


MGTOW means “Men Going Their Own Way”. This means we don’t follow trends promoted on fake media. It was us who boycott the marriages in the first place. We rejected idiotic reform, and completly avoid the elephant in the room paternity fraud, and alimony, and other financially rape promoted by our gynocratic society. Hence the popular phrase “fake media”.

Liberals elites cry and scream whenever rest of humanity points out that our controlled media is fake, and crooked. It’s been like this forever. Every single major issue we see on the TV misrepresented one way or the other. Take John Stewart interview with ex-military of Pakistan. He was “tough”. Yet when he had a similar opportunity tinterview with Ariel Sharon aka Butcher of Beirut. Even Israeli military fired him over the masscare. Not a peep of word was mention by “Mr. Tough”. Media is fake!

Recent fade among crooked liberals “#DeleteFacebook ” is quite amusing. When we were pointing out that smiliar fact of fake media, and their puppets aka google, social media are just working together to spy on public. We were called crazy, loon, and worst. Yet, they start adopting our langauge, and our means of communication,  and saying the same thing.  Oh the irony.

Isn’t funny how liberal elites justify their position?

“It changed the psychological and emotional feel of the platform for me,” she said. “I don’t have a great feeling when I log in.”

All these buzz words “psychological, emotional”, I am surprise that they did add words like “empowered” into it. It goes without saying it’s nice to see FaceBook  going down is a good thing. One can only hope that their mini bots “Instagram”, and “WhatsApp” will going down as well.


Explain Divorce Please


Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, Trump’s daughter-in-law filed for divorce today. Fake media across the pond was promoting arrange marriages for hapless Brits! It’s not for nothing BBC is consider colonial propaganda machine. Here in US we just called them Fake Media.

One can forgive culturally devoid shit hole country like Pakistan for proudly promoting “arrange marriages”. After all why would women wanna go to office 9 – 5 when they have high chance of being killed by Islamic Terrorist gaining power! Better stay home and watch Opera & let men sort out the mess.

As pictures above illustrate modern-day tradition did not exist in India.

Interestingly enough, anyone with an access to a library can see that “arrange marriages” were virtually unknown in India. What South Asian had would be called multi-generational commune where parents, and grand-parents, and their children live in a large house. When kids were financially sufficient they would either pick a woman for themselves, or get help from the elder.

Under the brutal thumb of British imperialism, and terrorism most of Indians adopted European traditions & attitude. Consolidating power, and keep it among rich families. Much like Queen Victoria was “the grandmother of Europe” Indians were marrying their  kids among rich, and powerful. For all practical purposes European kings & Queens were related to each other, and so are current day Indian elites.

Both stories raises one question: Are there any benefit of marriages?

None! In the past marriages brought resources, as well as physical labor. These things don’t matter with modern technology, and transportation.

Just think about it Trump’s daughter-in-law had everything you can think of. Her father-in-law is the president of USA, she was treated like a princess.  They even had five kids. Yet she filed for divorce.

What chance mere mortals like us have?



Some of you might remember infamouse article “Marriage Is Declining Because Men Are Pigs“. Men no longer want to Tie the Knot, just as they don’t wanna be swinging in suspension by a noose. As a result of these boycott birth rate are declining hence the closure of Toy R Us. Conservative loon like Tucker Carlson blamed non-white immigration for declining fertility among American males. Unless, immigrant girls are vacuming American crotch I don’t see how that’s affecting our fertility rates!

Either way overly price big box store can spend their useless time playing themselves into oblivion.

Are we making any strides?

Only time will tell, at least it’s good to see soccor moms moaning something else beside their #metoo fake stories!


Life On the Corner of Misery & Fear


Is it still Schadenfreude when you see crooks receiving poetic justice? Journalist do not like it when their bread and butter is called “fake news”, “crooked media”. The fact of the matter is that’s all media does, promote propaganda on behalf of rich and powerful. So called Objective journalism is a nothing but smoke and mirror!

“The journalist accused of stalking Colin Firth’s wife has claimed she made up the allegations to deflect attention from the fact that they had an affair. And in a surprise twist, Firth’s wife has now confessed to the tryst.”

An Italian journalist Brancaccia was having an affair with Colin Firth’s wife. That is how he was “reporting” the news. Turd in toilet will report more facts than anything written by him. He used to bash fellow Italians for not “manning up”. This fool is actually lucky. she could’ve accused him of raping her. As far as his career goes he is better off moving to New York,  working in Italian restaurant.

Did you notice the last word “Tryst” of the paragraph?


This is how Fake media report news. When husband is sleeping around. It’s an affair. But when the wife is sleeping around it’s called “tryst”. So if she is trysting around — still looking for love that means her husband is a doormat. If I were him I would check the kids DNA asap! We men are nothing but a walking ATM machine. Also doesn’t her behavior nicely express by American feminists on their T-Shirts?


It’s bad enough to be married these days. It gets to be even worst when you are having “an affair” with rich & powerful women. Beside the juicy affair between an ungreateful wife, and 50 years old pot belly bad boy. It goes to show how ungrateful his wife is. Husband went out of his way to learn her language, even applied for dual citizenship. Not to mention he also bought a second house in Italy, now spend 1/2 time each other country. Imagine Living and traveling between UK & Italy. You’re literally having a cake, and eating it! Yet, she decided to pick a fat hairy wanna be god father for an excitement!

Marriage is a disease that destroy man’s soul.

Single life is a safe life.